15 Types Of Annoying Co-Workers That Really Get On Our Nerves

Working is for chumps. But we all have to do it. It’s either that or panhandle on the streets, and most of us prefer to at least sit inside eight hours a day and have a health plan. The only reprieve is getting to surf the web and click on articles like this one during the work day. Working is boring, stressful and unrewarding. It’s like going to day prison. Most of us are overworked and underpaid to say the least. But the worst pain to endure is having co-workers.

Co-workers can be so annoying that you start wishing that you had pursued a career in grave digging. They can be so repugnant that you think that the human race is actually moving backwards. And they are so demoralizing that you totally understand why the psychiatric profession is booming. There’s no way of getting around irritating people. Even if you work from home, you still have to interact with co-workers. They’ll call you, text you and e-mail you. They’ll fax you and snail mail you. They’ll Facebook friend you and Skype you. There’s no escape. This list is dedicated to the worst ways that co-workers get under our skin, on our nerves and drive us to the brink of insanity. If you thought Office Space had some characters, wait until you get a load of these personality types.

15 The Family Bragger

14 Cheer Bear

Remember Cheer Bear, the Care Bear that was always cheerful no matter what? Well, every workplace has its Cheer Bear. It’s the person who is upbeat to the point of insanity. When the group has to stay late, they get excited that you can all order takeout Chinese. When there’s a pay freeze, they promptly remind everyone that you’re all lucky to have jobs. And when you just want to be alone first thing in the morning and sip your coffee and wallow in self-

13 Bathroom Wrecker

12 Drama Queen

11 Cell Phone Addict

10 Smelly Dude

9 Always Late Person

8 Constant Complainer

7 The Food Hound

6 The Laugher

5 Music Buff

4 Bossy Pants

3 The Social Butterfly

2 The Quitter

1 Typhoid Mary

Have you ever noticed how one person gets sick all the time? Their immune system is so weak that you start to wonder if they’ve contracted HIV. They are always just about ready to get a cold, have a cold, or are just getting over a cold. And they also get every stomach bug, virus and bacterial infection that’s going around. What adds insult to injury is that they come into work sick; this person has never taken a sick day in their life. They cough up phlegm and sneeze snot all over the place. They spread their germs – and get you sick. This person is patient zero and needs to be quarantined.

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15 Types Of Annoying Co-Workers That Really Get On Our Nerves