13 Jobs That Show Your Father Failed You

When talking about career paths, there is no denying that certain occupations fall under a category that is more susceptible to judgment than others. Although not everyone is fortunate enough to get to do what they want with their life, the average person hopes to find their passion and build their career doing something they love. However, our cards are not always dealt in the best way.

While most girls seek their father’s approval for nearly everything, sometimes the paths they need to take in order to get by do not turn out as planned. Desperate times call for desperate measures when you’re left to fend for yourself.

It seems almost automatic to judge a woman for becoming a stripper or an escort, especially if this woman is a mother. What we fail to realize is that many women have been placed in situations that are very difficult if not impossible to get out of. Although some women choose these careers of their own will, others have been left with very few options. With little or no support from their families, a lot of women have had no choice but to turn to measures that provide a guaranteed income, despite the stigma that surrounds their profession and the dangers they risk encountering.

Whether daddy is proud of his little girl or not, some of these jobs have been the only option for many women. And if dad is around, he really should have done something to prevent his daughter from falling into one of these careers.


12 Stripper


A man walks into a bar with a couple of his buddies. They get a table, order a round of drinks and start to watch the women dancing on the stage nearby. As the man looks up, he notices the dancer has a very familiar face. “Jessica?” He exclaims.

“Daddy?!” There is just about one word to describe this entire situation…AWKWARD! There’s no question that it’s every father’s nightmare to see their little girl flaunting her stuff on stage in a room full of men. Not to mention how mortifying it must be for the daughter.

We’ve seen situations like this in movies and there is no doubt in the world that it has happened in real life. It’s definitely a situation you wouldn’t want to find yourself in as a father, and if you do, you know you’ve done something very wrong raising your kid.

11 Escort



Female escorts or call girls could have it a lot worse. They don’t have to work the streets and much of the time they operate independently or through escort agencies, selling their time to lonely men looking to spend an evening with a lovely lady. Of course, more often than not the client is looking to get intimate, so there really isn’t anything very glamorous about being an escort.

No disrespect to women who find themselves in this line of work, but it’s fairly safe to assume that if you’re in this profession, it’s because your father wasn’t around to keep that from happening.

11. Adult Film Star


Who hasn’t enjoyed a bit of adult cinema every now and then? In this day and age, x-rated content is quite literally at the tips of our fingers, and there’s a lot of money to be made by women working in this domain.

In the United States alone, commercialized adult entertainment accounts for $2.5 billion annually, and we can be sure that a lot of fathers are among those who partake in a little xxx media behind closed doors. But what kind of father could accept the idea of his daughter allowing herself to be sexually exploited on film for thousands if not millions of other men to enjoy?

Dads, we know you like to get it off once in a while, but if you’re allowing your child to enter this domain, there’s something seriously wrong.

10 Camgirl

A slightly milder form of adult entertainment, camgirls make their money selling their time in one-on-one webcam sessions with clients looking for some stimulation. Some camgirls operate with a fixed-minute fee, while others work on commission, attracting clients to subscribe to the pay site they work for. There is some cross-over with strippers and escorts, as other sex workers can use this as a means of income on the side.

Camgirls perform various acts for their clients which can run from dancing and strip-tease to hardcore sexual acts and fetish-related performances. Regardless, this is not the kind of thing any father wants to catch their daughter doing. Ever.

9 Instagram Model


Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr…you name it. Social media has become the biggest internet craze, and it’s only getting bigger. Since 2010, Instagram has exploded with over 300 million users to date. Unlike Facebook, Instagram focuses primarily on photos and short videos lasting only a few seconds. There are the people who use the app in a fun, friendly manner, and there are those who are obsessed with self-image.

When you think of models, you generally picture someone walking down a runway or posing for a magazine, right? Instagram “models,” a newfound trend, are girls who feed their obsession by taking selfies and what they consider to be “attractive” (more often than not provocative) pictures of themselves. The sexier the picture, the more likes they receive…which only makes them want to post an even sexier picture the next time.

Inevitably, the vicious cycle is one that is very difficult to break and can lead to a woman becoming widely known as a sex symbol and not much else.

8 Professional Cheerleader

There’s nothing wrong with cheerleading, at least not on the surface. Lots of girls do it in high school and college and that’s fine. Where it becomes a problem is when women find themselves slumming it as a cheerleader because their aspiring modeling career is going nowhere.

Even for professional sports teams, cheerleaders are criminally underpaid and exploited by their organizations. They are required to invest countless hours training and rehearsing (similar to those of the athletes themselves) and when all is said and done they come away making less per hour than the guy selling hot dogs in the stands.

Dads, if your daughter is an aspiring model, but wasting her life cheering for the Jacksonville Jaguars, do her a favor and help her find a real job. At least that way she’ll be able to make a bit of cash while she waits for her big break as a model.

7 Cocktail Waitress



You work in an upscale club or restaurant. You get great tips from handsome men in expensive suits. You get your butt pinched every once in a while, but it’s worth it because he’s having a good time and will probably order a couple more rounds for the guys. What a life. And that’s pretty much the best case scenario.

Lots of women do this while they’re going through school or trying to support their family. All things considered it’s not the worst job a woman can have, it certainly doesn’t border on the sex industry, but neither does it really lead anywhere or provide many options for women to build off of.

If this is the best you can do as a career it’s probably because you didn’t have much support or anyone to push you to work towards building a better life.

6 Barmaid

We all know that once any girl hits that legal age, the opportunities become endless. Going out, having drinks, dancing, you name it. Well, some of these girls end up doing this for a living.

Being a barmaid means fully embracing the bar life. It also means, breaking any safety rules you were once told to follow (or maybe you never were). “Don’t accept drinks from strangers…don’t stay out late…don’t wear skimpy clothes…” Well, being a barmaid means doing the exact opposite.

Unless they are good at faking it, barmaids generally accept drinks all night, wear revealing clothes and work till the wee hours of the morning. They also spend hours on end listening to guys hit on them. Really, it’s every dad’s dream.


5 Ring Girl


When you think about ring girls, you generally picture those really cute, or extremely sexy girls walking around with a sign and a big smile on their face. Ring girls are generally chosen based on their sex-appeal; girls who will make men drool over their overly exposed bodies as they strut their stuff around the ring.

While spectators may very well be admiring these girls for their appearances, we all know that they’re being watched with other things in mind. Not too sure any father would be fond about their daughter’s body being broadcasted in a sexy way on national television.

4 Street Walker

This is where things star to get really dark. If your daughter is walking the streets of a major city, or a small village - hell, it doesn't matter where she is - if she's wearing five-inch heels and a mini skirt, you should be ashamed of yourself.

The vast majority of fathers can agree that the mere image of their daughter being a street corner prostitute is pretty much the worst thing that could ever happen. If you don’t agree with that as a father, then no one can help you.

We understand, some women are left with no options and turning down this path is a matter of survival. It’s a sad reality, but it is the case for many women. However, any father in his right mind would do everything in his power to prevent his daughter from entering a life of prostitution.

3 Nude Model



Sure, lots of famous women have posed nude for publications like Playboy, but how many of their fathers were thrilled about it? For women who pose nude for a living, there are clear signs that daddy didn’t exactly instill you with all of his core values.

It takes a certain amount of confidence to be able to put your body on display, and if you can make money doing it then good for you, but there isn’t a single decent father out there who is happy to tell his buddies that his daughter is a nude model. That is the kind of knowledge you do not want to share with anyone, let alone men who can go home and find her entire portfolio with a single Google search.

2 Erotic Masseuse


And they all lived happily ever after…except for her father, who stays up every night sickened by the thought of his little girl touching men for a living, and sending them off with their very own “happy ending.”

Sometimes integrated into striptease venues and sometimes available in independent “sensual” massage parlors, erotic masseuses deal in providing the ultimate in relaxation for their respective clientele.

There is also the branch of sensual massage related to sexual therapy, aimed at stimulating the libido of men, and even women, as well as dealing with premature ejaculation in men. Yeah, sex therapist is a little more legitimate sounding than erotic masseuse, but it’s still enough to send shivers down any good father’s spine.

1 Mail-Order Bride


Many fathers take some time to warm up to their daughter’s new boyfriend. We can only imagine what it’s like learning that she was sold to a man in another country - or worse, selling her yourself.

In the 19th century, women from developed countries in Europe would be shipped over to marry men in the developing West. In the 20th century it was women from poor countries being purchased by wealthy men in developed nations. Today the trend continues, facilitated by the Internet and sites that help arrange marriages between men and women from across the world.

Any man who allows his daughter to be sold like a piece of merchandise has truly failed as a father.


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