12 Things You Didn't Know About Vaccinations

Do you ever remember a time that you woke up and were excited about vaccinations being on the agenda for the day? It doesn't matter if you are going on an extravagant trip overseas and need the proper vaccinations to be prepared for a new country, or if you are taking one of your little ones to the doctor for their regular check-up and vaccinations just happen to be on the menu that day. The vaccination process is not something that most look forward to. Needles and fluids that are used to prevent things from happening to our bodies can sometimes have some little known facts associated with them that we either have not had the resources to find, or are too afraid to face. Well, we have comprised a list of the top 12 things that you didn't know about vaccinations. Now, some of these facts are a little disturbing, yet they are vital information to be aware of when you are considering the types of vaccinations that you allow yourself (or your children) to be recipients of. From the fact that vaccinations generate a profit for a well known entity, to an even better alternative to vaccinations all together, we have outlined the pieces of information that you should be exposed to.

12 Mainstream Media Profits From Vaccinations

11 The “Vaccine Court” Is An Even Higher Power Than The Supreme Court

10 The Vaccine Industry Doesn't Test The Health Outcomes Of Some Vaccinated

9 The Most Well Known Virologists Have Admitted To Fabricating Lab Results

8 Polio Vaccinations Contained Hidden Cancer Viruses

7 Injecting Anything in the Body Alters Your Natural Defenses

6 Vaccinations Often Cause Outbreaks in Children

5 Some Vaccination Successes Against Diseased Are Fabrications

4 Natural Immunity Is Better for Your Immune System

3 The Side Effects of Some Vaccinations Could Be Serious

2 Mercury Is Used in Vaccinations

1 The CDC Admits to Potent Neurotoxic Chemicals Being Added to Vaccinations

In addition to Mercury being a known element of vaccinations for things such as the flu shot for children and adults, the Centers For Disease Control has clearly admitted to other elements being used in vaccinations similar to Mercury. All of the other elements used have different components with much different effects. If it wasn't bad enough that there is no proven “safe” amount of Mercury that should be taken into the body, the CDC relayed that there are also other chemicals and elements that can be found in vaccinations also. Chemicals such as MSG, Formaldehyde, and the element Aluminum are all very common elements in vaccines, which causes things such as immune system inflammation or worse if relating to higher doses of MSG.


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12 Things You Didn't Know About Vaccinations