12 Things You Didn't Know About Vaccinations

Do you ever remember a time that you woke up and were excited about vaccinations being on the agenda for the day? It doesn't matter if you are going on an extravagant trip overseas and need the proper vaccinations to be prepared for a new country, or if you are taking one of your little ones to the doctor for their regular check-up and vaccinations just happen to be on the menu that day. The vaccination process is not something that most look forward to. Needles and fluids that are used to prevent things from happening to our bodies can sometimes have some little known facts associated with them that we either have not had the resources to find, or are too afraid to face. Well, we have comprised a list of the top 12 things that you didn't know about vaccinations. Now, some of these facts are a little disturbing, yet they are vital information to be aware of when you are considering the types of vaccinations that you allow yourself (or your children) to be recipients of. From the fact that vaccinations generate a profit for a well known entity, to an even better alternative to vaccinations all together, we have outlined the pieces of information that you should be exposed to.


12 Mainstream Media Profits From Vaccinations

It is not a secret that there is money circulating through America from many different sources. Well, one of the sources that mainstream media profits, in case you were wondering, is from vaccinations. That's right. The same drugs that we see commercials and advertisements for in different locations, from television to radio, are being promoted in order to generate a revenue for mainstream media. Various mainstream media companies are paid to promote and advertise the vaccinations that we assume are being promoted simply because they are necessary. Sadly, this method of generating revenue is very common and not a new method at all. Mainstream media has been profiting from the promotion of vaccinations and pharmaceutical drugs for decades.

11 The “Vaccine Court” Is An Even Higher Power Than The Supreme Court

This next fact may catch some consumers off guard. The United States Supreme Court has a group of individuals that are more influential and powerful than they are in regards to vaccinations. The formal name for this group has not been released to the public. However, The United States Supreme Court calls this group of individuals the “Vaccine Court”. The “Vaccine Court” is the group of professionals who make the decisions to release and promote vaccinations to the public or seclude them from the public completely. This group of professionals are the ones responsible for every vaccination that we have ever been a recipient of or will see in the future. More importantly, the “Vaccine Court” needs no approval from the US Supreme Court to carry out any action.

10 The Vaccine Industry Doesn't Test The Health Outcomes Of Some Vaccinated

Contrary to popular belief, the vaccine industry does not operate the way most consumers assume that they do. Logically, one would think that with any vaccination there is rigorous testing performed at all age levels and for all body types and backgrounds. However, this is actually not the case, The children who are vaccinated do not obtain any follow up testing after new vaccinations are released and administered to them. Due to the general well being of most children the vaccine industry does not perform follow-up testing, but does provide options for care if there are any adverse affects.

9 The Most Well Known Virologists Have Admitted To Fabricating Lab Results


A virologist has a very time consuming and detailed oriented job. The main duties of a virologist is to study, test and educate others on new and old strains of viruses. Although they do study and test viruses on a consistent basis, several virologist have admitted to not being as truthful as they should when it comes to relaying lab results relating to the virus that they have studied. Lab results from viral testing is very important when it comes to the vaccinations that are created, approved, and administered to the public. Therefore, if the results from preliminary testing have been fabricated, this will change the total dynamic of the drugs used in vaccinations which could in turn cause adverse effects to the recipients of the vaccinations.

8 Polio Vaccinations Contained Hidden Cancer Viruses

For several decades one of the most common and most talked about vaccinations is the polio vaccination. At a time when polio was a very common disease, the polio vaccination was born and administered to hundreds of thousands of people. What the vaccine industry and others affiliated with the release of the polio vaccinations failed to share with the public when the polio vaccination was initially administered was that the polio vaccine actually carried hidden cancer viruses. Therefore, every injection intended to prevent polio did not just prevent polio but also released a new virus into millions of bodies.

7 Injecting Anything in the Body Alters Your Natural Defenses


Our bodies were created to have a built-in defense mechanism for many of the illnesses that we face or may come in contact with. Our immune system is our built-in defense mechanism for illness and disease that exists within us before birth. However, what is rarely relayed to the public (including consumers and parents) is that vaccinations are conveyed as a mandatory key to survival, yet vaccinations often alter our body’s natural defense against disease. This is the reason most vaccinations cause some form of side effect that create a less than healthy reaction from the body. Once the human body’s immune system is altered by a vaccination, it is forever changed.

6 Vaccinations Often Cause Outbreaks in Children

Although vaccinations are intended to protect our children from illness and disease, vaccinations are a little more complicated than just that. Vaccinations are often the exact same virus that we are hoping to shield and protect our children from. The intention is to build defense against a particular virus by injecting a form of that same virus into the body in order to build a defense against it. However, more often than not, this causes not just one child to become ill but several children to become ill, due to the vaccination having the same effect on them all. Another common factor regarding children and vaccinations is that children are very hands-on in playing and interacting with one another, therefore what one has, they usually share with others inadvertently.


5 Some Vaccination Successes Against Diseased Are Fabrications


Most Americans read reviews or at least view press releases through mainstream media about the great benefits of new vaccinations. There are commercials on television and radio that often paint an image of new vaccinations to make it appear as a new solution for whatever illness is being highlighted. However, many of the professionals that consumers look to in order to obtain valid information on vaccinations have admitted that some of the success stories that were released to be fabrications. With fabricated success stories new vaccinations could have an extremely opposite affect on the recipient of the vaccine, and even worse could cause large numbers of individuals to become very ill.

4 Natural Immunity Is Better for Your Immune System

Although vaccines were created to build up the body's immunity to diseases and infections, there is actually a more effective but not so pleasant method to fighting off illness. This may come as a shock to some, however this has been backed by reputable doctors who are very knowledgable on the best practices to maintain wellness. Because the body produces its own defenses against illness and disease naturally, it is actually better to not have vaccinations at all and allow your body to build up its defense against illness when the illness occurs. Few people are aware of the fact that if they were to get sick, their bodies were made to fight off the illness by the natural composition of our internal systems. However, few want to endure the pain, fatigue, and overall less than healthy feeling of illness while waiting for your body to basically heal itself.

3 The Side Effects of Some Vaccinations Could Be Serious


All drugs, no matter how widely used or uncommon they may be, come with their own list of side effects on the body of its recipient. Well, vaccinations are no different. Every vaccination has its side effects that depend on the recipient's age, background and health conditions. Additionally, there are some vaccinations that are administered to younger recipients for things such as the measles and the mumps that can cause other smaller things to be altered causing not so favorable results in those areas. Although the main issue may be blocked, at times the vaccinations that people swear by cause other issues that will require more medication In the future.

2 Mercury Is Used in Vaccinations

It was never a secret that vaccinations that are most commonly used carry traces of mercury. Mercury is actually used as a defense against specific forms of bacteria in order to keep those forms of bacteria from contaminating the body. However, even though the element of Mercury can be found in the most common and widely used vaccinations such as flu shots for children and adults, it does not make it a good element to put into your system on a regular basis. Too often flu shots are pushed to the public every year and advertised as a more potent form which is altered to accommodate new strains of viruses such as the flu virus. Therefore, the mercury content may be stronger as well.

1 The CDC Admits to Potent Neurotoxic Chemicals Being Added to Vaccinations


In addition to Mercury being a known element of vaccinations for things such as the flu shot for children and adults, the Centers For Disease Control has clearly admitted to other elements being used in vaccinations similar to Mercury. All of the other elements used have different components with much different effects. If it wasn't bad enough that there is no proven “safe” amount of Mercury that should be taken into the body, the CDC relayed that there are also other chemicals and elements that can be found in vaccinations also. Chemicals such as MSG, Formaldehyde, and the element Aluminum are all very common elements in vaccines, which causes things such as immune system inflammation or worse if relating to higher doses of MSG.


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