12 Heirs Who Have Ridiculous Amounts Of Cash For Doing Nothing

One of the benefits of being a millionaire is that you can pass your fortune on to your children. The heirs and heiresses of super-rich celebrities and business people supposedly have “nothing to worry about” when they are old enough to start living on their own. After all, most of the problems we encounter as adults have to do with money. So, when a rich person passes their fortune on the next generation in the family, this could potentially make life easier for everyone involved.

However, there has been a trend these days of heirs and heiresses “earning their keep” and taking over the companies of their famous parents. These days, the world wants to see more work ethic from wealthy people, and don’t take too kindly to the idea that some people are so entitled that they will never know what it truly means to put in a hard day’s work. So, maybe the children of these millionaires and billionaires are simply working to establish a favorable relationship with the public. There are also some rich heirs who are still completely satisfied with not working and reaping the benefits of being wealthy. Want more proof that life isn’t fair? Here are 12 heirs who have ridiculous amounts of money for doing nothing.

12 Sam and Holly Branson

11 Marta Ortega-Perez

10 The Courtin-Clarins Cousins

9 Vanisha Mittal

8 Allegra Versace

7 Peter II and Harry Brant

6 Athina Onassis

5 Ariana and Camilla Rockefeller

4 Paris and Nicky Hilton

3 Amanda Hearst

2 Paris Latsis

1 Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe Gates

The children of Bill and Melinda Gates will have a fortune of around $66 billion handed down to them. Chances are that by the time Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe are old enough to take over their dad’s fortune, Microsoft could be worth much more. However, reports say that Bill Gates is granting around $10 million for each of his children. This is a pretty small sum compared to what other moguls are leaving their children. The Gates also say that they have “regular rules” for their children, like not getting a cell phone until the age of 13. The Gates children are too young to work right now, but there’s a chance they will have a decent attitude about getting a job when they become of age.


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12 Heirs Who Have Ridiculous Amounts Of Cash For Doing Nothing