10 Worst Marriage Proposals Caught on Video

One of the biggest moments in anyone's life is asking someone to marry them and being asked for someone's hand in marriage is an equally big moment. Some people dream about it their whole life – how they're going to pop the question, the romantic speech, what music will be playing. Others dream about how they'll be asked – some like it simple, others want the whole grand romantic gesture. Of course, like anything else, no proposal can be perfect - but no one really imagines their significant other actually turning them down. Having the love of your life tell you they don’t want to spend the rest of their life with you can be terribly humiliating, and even more so if it takes place on camera and in public.

Some of these proposals don’t exactly go as planned, but at least in some cases the couple ends up together. It isn’t so romantic and funny for them in the moment, but they’ll have a great story to tell their kids one day. Some of these proposals, however, end in the most humiliating and awkward rejections possible. They're seriously amusing for us viewers, but certainly not for the people involved.

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10 Rejected on Live TV

via savingcountrymusic.com

During the Almost Tonight Show With Bobby Bones, an audience member decided to take the stage to propose to his girlfriend of only a few months in front of an audience and on live TV. The extremely nervous boyfriend said “uhm” way too many times and seemed like he had blanked out on the prepared speech he had. Once he approached her he had to physically grab her arms and put the ring down on her lap because she was so reluctant about the proposal that she refused to even give him her hand. The musician on the show then played an awkward piano riff before they decided to cut to commercial.

9 Rejected in Front of Jesus

via smashinglists.com

At a Jesus Jam Festival, a Christian music festival ministry event for the youth in the United States, a young man proposed to his girlfriend of almost a year and a half on stage in front of the whole crowd. She promptly said, “I’m sorry” before running off stage, while the whole crowd booed her off.

8 Rejected at a Rock Show

via livemusicproject.blogspot.com

A man decided to get on stage during a gig in San Francisco of the Canadian Indie rock band, the Born Ruffians. Once he started to propose he couldn’t find his girlfriend in the crowd. Either she'd left the show the first chance she got, or was just at the bathroom and he has really bad timing - or worst of all she was actually still in the crowd but pretending not to be. Either way he was courageous, but that’s a horrible fail of a proposal. On top of it, he was wearing no shoes and no shirt and was profusely sweating.

7 Slapped at a Ball Game

via novafm.com.au

Sporting event marriage proposals seem totally cliché but they probably don't deserve a slap in the face. This man gets down on one knee while watching a basketball game with his girlfriend and everyone gathers to watch. Once he pops the question, the incredulous girlfriend suddenly slaps him across the face and runs out of the stands. The man is left to sit in his seat with his face buried in his hands, apparently crying. And on top of all that, everyone is still staring at him while the hot dog vendor wont stop yelling “Hot Dogs! Anyone, Hot Dogs!” The whole thing is just a mess.

6 Ring Lost in Lake

via express.co.uk

This marriage proposal starts off so well and seems to be going smoothly - before the ring gets lost in the water. A man and his girlfriend are enjoying a pedal boat ride on the lake with some friends, while others stand on the shore and hold up signs that read “Will You Marry Me?” After he pops the question on the pedal boat and before she can even respond, she gives her boyfriend a loving tap on the arm, which actually makes him lose control of the ring, and it falls into the lake. The man looks panicked and he jumps right into the water to try to find it, and some of his friends join in the search. This video received over 2 million views on YouTube in about a week - apparently we enjoy watching proposals go wrong! Although we don’t know the outcome, we're sure the woman said yes if the man himself posted this video - but it seems unlikely the ring was found.

5 Comedy Show Rejection

via specials.msn.com

The Footy Show is an Australian sketch comedy show that has been on the air since 1994. In 2009 an audience member called up his girlfriend to the stage so that he could propose to her in front of everyone watching live and at home. He gets down on one knee and at first she seems to look happy but when it comes time to answer the big question she just says “You can’t do this right now.” The poor man even begs her to just say yes now and they can talk about it later. She sprints off stage, making the audience and the host quite uncomfortable, unsure of how to go on with the rest of the show. The man pulls out his phone and says he needs to go call his father to make sure that his mother doesn’t record this episode.

4 Up In The Air

via in.com

This one is not so much an embarrassing rejection - the woman was almost certainly going to say yes until her boyfriend started running after a balloon instead. He had the romantic idea of proposing to her in the park where they first met and bringing her a similar balloon to the one he brought two years earlier, yet he had the stupid idea of attaching the engagement ring to the balloon. As he popped the question, the woman reacted like most women do – by throwing her hands up in a mix of surprise and happiness... thereby letting go of the balloon. The man completely pushes her to the side and tries to chase the balloon and the girlfriend seems to think he's suddenly running away from her. They end up getting into an argument about why he could possibly think it’s a good idea to attach a ring to a balloon. Hopefully, they can recount this as a funny story one day.

3 After 2 Weeks

via youtube.com

Now, this is one hell of a gutsy proposal. This woman decides to propose to her boyfriend of only two weeks, on Leap Day, at a gathering in front of all of their friends. The video begins with her getting ready in the bathroom with her friend, applying her lipstick and seeming totally confident and excited about what she is about to do. As she gets on one knee, she tells her boyfriend that 'these past two weeks' have been the best of her life, while all his male friends are cheering and yelling in the background. He picks her up off the ground and tries to nicely and quietly let her down, but she starts crying, yelling and swearing at him and even starts throwing things at him. Their friends frantically turn up the party music again.

2 Rejected at an NBA Game

via freedating.co.uk

This man had the horrible misfortune of being rejected in front of the entire crowd at a 2008 Houston Rockets NBA game and to have his rejection narrated by the sports broadcasters for all the television viewers to watch. Before the proposal even starts, the broadcasters are commenting that the woman had to say yes due to the pressure of the situation - but they spoke too soon. Although you can’t hear the man’s proposal, it is very clear that the woman bends down to whisper an explanation – or hopefully an apology – into his ear, before running off court. To make matters more humiliating, if possible, the man is then escorted off the court by a sympathetic-looking bear mascot.

1 Food Court Rejection

via dailymail.co.uk

This man didn’t exactly choose the most romantic location to propose, but the intention behind it was sweet. He met his girlfriend exactly a year ago on that day in this food court - he even remembers that it was exactly in front of the “Cinnabon.” He puts on a nice suit and gets down one knee in front of a crowd of people that have all stopped to watch and videotape. While he gives a speech about how “dizzy” he feels when he is around her and how much he loves her cupcakes, his girlfriend is shaking her head in her hands, asking him to stop. A guy with a guitar appears out of nowhere and the brave boyfriend starts to sing “Sweet Caroline” to her - because her name's Caroline, of course - and the whole crowd even begins to join in on the song. When he finally pops the question, she barely says anything and just runs out of the mall. The video keeps rolling as the man is standing around looking confused, while some people in the crowd start to pat him on the back to reassure him it will be alright and others – not as sympathetic – start to crack jokes. The whole thing looks a little too ridiculous to be serious, and many have called fake on this one. Decide for yourself...

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