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10 “World’s Largest” Records That Will Make You Cringe

The Biggest
10 “World’s Largest” Records That Will Make You Cringe


Beetles and bats and cow skulls, oh my! There are some things that just make our skin crawl. Yet, what about seemingly “normal” objects that are beefed up to enormous proportions? There is definitely something cringe-inducing about a huge hamburger or a sky-high meat cleaver. This list includes some of the largest things in the world. Some of these items are living organisms, and others are common household objects. Others are things we would never want to see, even at their normal size, while other items on this list suddenly seem not so tame when blown up to gigantic proportions.

Many folks seem to adopt the adage of “bigger is better.” Yet, is that always the case? We certainly would not want to step on a Titan Beetle or find a Megabat flying around in the night sky. While Americans love their burgers, would they be willing to dig into one weighing over two thousand pounds? There is something about extra-large objects that makes us want to cower and hide. Even so, have fun taking a look at our list of 10 of the World’s Largest Things That Will Make You Cringe. From bugs to belly button lint, these items will have you scratching your head or clutching your stomach.

10. World’s Largest Hamburger

If you are hungry, why not take a bite out of the world’s largest hamburger? It broke the Guinness World Record by weighing in at 2,014 pounds! It was prepared by Black Bear Casino Resort in Carlton, Minnesota and it took an onslaught of ingredients to craft this meaty morsel. For example, this burger contained 52.5 pounds of tomatoes, 50 pounds of lettuce, 60 pounds of onions, 19 pounds of pickles, 40 pounds of American cheese, and 16.5 pounds of bacon. That is over 230 pounds of toppings. It measured 10 feet in diameter and had to be flipped over with the help of a crane!

9. World’s Largest Beetle

The Titan Beetle is aptly named. This is the largest beetle in the world, measuring in at over 8 inches long. Considering this is a bug that can grow to be bigger than a small puppy, we will steer clear. The Titan Beetle has large jaws, a prickly spine, and even worse – it can hiss and fly! Even so, experts say that this bug is pretty harmless to humans. Thanks, but no thanks. If you really want to see a Titan Beetle, you can find one in a hot tropical jungle in South America. Yet, the fact that this bug can snap and tear open a human’s skin, we will stay right here.

8. World’s Largest Collection of Belly Button Lint



This is just another piece of evidence that being a librarian is a very solitary job indeed. Graham Barker has a collection of belly button lint that he keeps in various jars in his home. This is all his own belly button lint, and he has 3 jars, or about three-quarters of an ounce worth. Barker said that before he goes to take a shower, he collects the lint out of his belly button. He has been doing this since he was 19 years old. He currently holds the World Record in the Guinness Record Books. We doubt there are many people willing to attempt breaking that record. Barker assures people that the jars do not smell, and they do not get moldy. We will take his word for it.

7. World’s Largest Tumor

In Beijing, China, surgeons removed the world’s largest tumor from Yang Jianbin’s back. The tumor weighed in at 242.5 pounds! What started out as a dark spot on Jianbin’s skin quickly transformed into a full-fledged tumor. He had it removed when he was nine years old (at that point, it was the size of his fist) but it quickly grew back. It turns out that Jianbin was suffering from neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that disturbs the growth of cells in the nervous system. It took surgeons and doctors 16 hours to remove the bulging tumor. Fortunately, Jianbin recovered from his surgery and can now live a tumor-free life.

6. World’s Largest Boll Weevil Monument

One of the most admired and popular monuments in Enterprise, Alabama features a giant boll weevil. The landmark was erected in 1919 by the citizens of Enterprise and is an homage to the insect it portrays. The boll weevil actually helped this southern city flourish in the agricultural and economic arena during that time. The monument, which consists of a woman holding a boll weevil above her head, stands at 13 feet tall. An inscription on the monument states “In profound appreciation of the Boll Weevil and what it has done as the herald of prosperity this monument was erected by the citizens of Enterprise, Coffee County, Alabama.”

5. World’s Largest Cow Skull



While in Amado, Arizona, you may spot a gigantic cow skull. That is no mirage – there really is a huge cow cranium resting in this desert city. The Longhorn Bar & Grill uses the world’s largest cow skull as the entrance to its restaurant. The site has even been used for scenery on the big screen. It is a popular tourist attraction, and was built in the 1970s. The horns of the cow skull are 30 feet tall. Behind it, there is building and office space that has catered to various businesses throughout the years. So, if you are ever out West, hit up Amado and eat some steak or a burger while checking out the giant cow skull.

4. World’s Largest Meat Cleaver



If there was ever a reason to go to Topeka, Kansas, we guess it would be to visit the world’s largest meat cleaver. People driving or walking past the car lot at 6th and Jackson Streets will find this weapon sitting in a vertical position, resting on its blade. We suppose a huge meat cleaver could spice things up in this ho-hum state. Or it could scare visitors away. Anyway, the meat cleaver is part of an art collection that Downtown Topeka founded, called “Art in the Heart of Topeka.” The meat cleaver piece is called “Untitled II,” and was created by Robert Craig. Borrowing from the famous Claus Oldenburg, he wanted to represent utilitarian objects on a large scale.

3. World’s Largest Underwear



Underwear? Under there! In St. Louis, Missouri, that is. The City Museum houses the largest pair of underwear in the world. It measures 65′ 7” across the waist and 39′ 4” from the waistband to the crotch. Whoa! The underpants were removed from the Museum for a bit, but were returned “washed and folded” we are told on the Museum’s Facebook page. The underpants were supposedly accompanied with some lacey lady’s briefs to match, but we are not so sure about that. Why any museum would want to display a giant pair of underwear is beyond us, but let us just hope we never meet the owner of these tighty-whities.

2. World’s Largest Cootie



So, we may have gotten over the whole boys-have-cooties thing once we turned 9, but this critter may frighten you a bit. Or, judging by the smile on the creature’s face, maybe not. Come to Lakeville, Minnesota and say hello to the world’s largest cootie. That is correct: a giant, creepy-crawly cootie. This big (little) guy is nestled at Hot Sam’s Antiques, which also features loads of odds and ends. The owners collect objects from different parts of the world and display them for all to see in Lakeville. This giant cootie actually came from an elementary school! It is made of fiberglass and steel, and is painted in colorful, fun colors. It measures 6’8”.

1. World’s Largest Bat

Yes, there is such a thing as a Megabat. These flying creatures can measure up to 3.5 pounds, and have a wingspan maxing out at 5.6 feet! Imagine one of these babies flying over your head. They also go by the name Flying Foxes. They encompass the tropical regions of the eastern Mediterranean and South Asia. Despite their scary name, Megabats eat a vegetarian diet. They have a great sense of smell, and rely on it to locate their food, since they do not use echolocation like other species of bats. Their large eyes give them keen eyesight in the twilight hours.


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