10 Regrets In Life That Almost Every Woman Has

It is near impossible for anyone to live life without having even one little regret in their life. From the house that you wish you bought, to the “one that got away,” every person from time to time thinks about what could have been, or if where we are going is the right direction. Women and men are a little different in the things that they regret, and there have been multiple surveys given to find out just what their top regret is. It seems that many of the females assessed think basically the same, and the one regret appears to be the same thing. Even though the other items on this list have appeared in different order on multiple lists, the number one regret seems to be the same throughout all studies.

It doesn’t take someone with a PhD to realize that a lot of these things are difficult to get over, but if you spend a lot of time worrying about them, you will realize that the majority of them cannot be altered. So it is best just to move on and try to live life to the fullest and not to regret those things that cannot be changed.

10 Not Spending Enough Time With Their Kids As Young Children

This is one thing that men and women both regret, but “missing out” on children growing up seems to have more of an impact on women than men. Even though it is more of an old-fashioned way of thinking that women should stay home and take care of their kids when they are young, it really is something that we regret as our children grow older and we cannot spend as much time with them as we would like because of long hours at a job. Children grow up way too fast, or so it seems, and if we don’t spend the time with them while we can, the time will get away from us too soon and it will eventually be too late.

9 Not Being A Better Mom Or Not Having Kids At All

This most likely goes along with “not spending enough time with the kids,” but it also shows that women spend a lot of time worrying if they are doing well enough raising their children. It is difficult to go to every single event that your children are having (especially if you have more than one child in more than one event), and women get upset that they cannot attend every single one. This is especially true for moms who are unable to get time off of work to attend games and recitals, which makes it upsetting for not only the moms, but the little ones, as well.

8 Not Being A Better Daughter

We all will lose our parents; it is an inevitable fact. Some of us realize this sooner than others, and it is next to impossible to try and make everything perfect while they are still alive. This is no reason not to try. Our parents are growing older, just as we are, and they will eventually need to be taken care of. It doesn’t matter how good of a daughter you are, women will almost always feel guilty about something that they did (or didn’t do) while being a child, or even as an adult. What we don’t always think about, though, is that our parents will love us no matter what happens. The sad part about this is sometimes our parents won’t always be around, and this is what a lot of women regret. They can no longer say the things they wish they had when their mom or dad was still alive.

7 Saying “I’ll do That Next Time,” And There Is No Next Time

Ever had one of those opportunities that came along, and decided against it at the time? I had the good fortune to go up in a hot air balloon with my father once when I was a little girl, but was a little scared, so I decided against it. I always thought that there would be another chance to do that, but never again was I able. It was a once in a lifetime prospect that I passed up because I honestly thought there would be another time I could go. My father died when I was seventeen, so I never again will have that opportunity to do something so spectacular with him.

6 Not Telling Someone How They Really Feel

I never told my dad how much he meant to me, and there are people everywhere, who at this very minute, are debating whether they should tell someone what they are feeling. It may ruin a friendship, it might make you feel awkward, or you just might not want to say anything for fear of what that person might think. You will never know if you don’t say anything. It is likely better to take a chance and say something now, rather than to wait and never have a chance again. If it ruins a friendship, then the friendship wasn’t real to begin with. Most women believe that you will never know if you don’t at least try. If someone means a lot to you, then there probably is no reason why you shouldn’t tell them how you truly feel.

5 Not Eating Better Or Being Healthier

When we are in our twenties, some of us think that we will live forever and can eat anything we want. This is true for most, but we forget that as we grow older, it gets harder and harder to develop better habits and to start working out, or even eating healthier. It is much easier to live a healthy lifestyle if started early on in life. A lot of women regret not eating healthier sooner, and it takes a toll on their health and even on their kids because they cannot do the things with them that they used to. It is better to start at a younger age, especially if we are to teach our children that eating healthy and exercising is the way to go.

4 Selecting The Wrong Career

Although this one can be changed, it is slightly difficult to do once women are at an older age. Once a female has decided on what she would like to do with her life, she feels that it is very difficult to change her mind once she reaches a certain age. This is especially true if she has children that are going to school or they cannot afford to go back to college to alter their career path. It is not easy for anyone to try and convert their direction in life, but for women, it is a bit more difficult, since they are the ones who usually stay home with their children at a young age and are expected to decide exactly what is going to be done once they return to school.

3 Not Travelling Before Getting Married Or Having Kids

Sure, it’s possible to travel once a couple gets married. They can take the kids across the country and have a family vacation. They can even decide to wait until they have kids, but it is near impossible to take separate vacations from their spouses. It’s not saying that women want to be away from their husbands, it is simply because it is nice sometimes to spend time with the “girls” without having to hurt the feelings of their husband. Sometimes there are men out there who just don’t’ understand how important close friendships are with other women, and it is possible that the wife regrets not vacationing with the girls first, before settling down.

2 Having Sex With Someone They Shouldn’t Have

Even married women have random thoughts about being with someone else. Thoughts are pretty much impossible to contain, but the actions that are made upon those wandering thoughts can be helped. There are women who take those actions to the next level and have affairs with other men (or even women) and can live to be remorseful. They may have been discreet and did not intend on hurting anyone, but it almost always ends up being something that a woman regrets after it happens. It may not be immediately afterwards; but according to reports, almost all women do feel guilty about having sexual encounters with someone other than their husband or significant other.

1 Not Trying Hard Enough In School

Even though it may be years since a girl has been in school, she will still regret not taking more time on her education and trying to get better grades. In multiple surveys, women have been asked what their number one regret is and this one is almost always the very first thing that is at the top of the remorseful list. Even though a lot of girls go to college, a lot of them don’t believe that they had spent enough time on their studies. This is also true for high school. It may not seem important at the time, but once we graduate and move on, it’s easy to look back and realize that we just may not have spent enough time or energy on what should have been the most important thing in our life at the time.

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