10 Of The Most Luxurious Forms Of Transport That Really Exist

Travelling around is one of the things that most people don’t really enjoy doing, it is just part of a journey that gets people from one place to another. Usually, people will be content to just get to their destination as quickly as possible, without any hassle. As long as they arrive safely and in reasonable time, most people will be happy to travel in any type of vehicle. Often the modes of transportation will be standard buses, cars, trains, ships or aircraft, that usually come with very little amenities or comfort. Instead, they are generally designed to carry the maximum amount of people efficiently.

However, travelling in vehicles isn't as mundane for some people as it is for the vast majority. The incredibly fortunate and super rich are able to travel to their destinations in perfect comfort. Rather than the vehicles simply being a way to get somewhere, they act as moving hotels that feature luxury items to ensure that the journey is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. In some cases, the mode of transport may even be more splendid that wherever they are going.

This article will look at the 10 most luxurious vehicles and vessels that have ever been created, the forms of transport that allow passengers to travel around the world in total relaxation.

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10 Prince Fahd’s Bus


This RV bus is unlike any that has ever been built. It comes equipped with a large lounge filled with the most comfortable and stylish furnishing available, a bedroom fitted to the same standard as a five star hotel, as well as several other rooms for relaxing and entertaining guests. Even the driver’s area has a designer finish that most people would love to have in their own car.

It should come as no surprise then that this vehicle was initially designed specifically for Prince Sultan Bin Fahd of Saudi Arabia. Few other people on the planet would be able to afford such a bus but the Saudi royal family were able to commission this mode of transport, thanks to their incredible wealth from oil.

9 EC135 Hermés Helicopter


Based on the EC136 that is used across the world by police forces and ambulance services, this luxury variants came about because of a collaboration between its manufacturer Eurocopter and French designer Hermés. This has led to a stylish and elegant design that you would expect to find in a sleek hotel, rather than a lightweight helicopter.

Featuring hand crafted leather seats and upholstery, with touches that include invisible stitching, the helicopter is capable of carrying up to four passengers peacefully at speeds of up to 176 mph. This all comes at a cost though, with prices for the vehicle going as high as $6 million.

8 Terra Wind Amphibious Coach


The Terra Wind comes with a number of features and items meant to make it as luxurious as possible for passengers. A computer system that connects to the internet and navigational charts are fitted as standard, while customers can choose from a range of extras that include padded leather seats, 42” plasma television sets, a polished wooden finish and deluxe beds and furnishings.

The Terra Wind has a very unique feature, however. Unlike other coaches and motorhomes that can operate only on land, this particular model is capable of entering water and can be used in the same way as a yacht. This seamless transition from land to water stands it out as the perfect way to travel for those who want holiday near lakes.

7 MS Oasis of Seas


Owned by Royal Caribbean International, the MS Oasis of the Seas was built in 2009 and is the largest cruise ship in the world. It can carry around 6,000 passengers in complete comfort, providing a host of attractions and experiences to keep everyone entertained and relaxed for the entire cruise.

Some of the included amenities include surf-wave simulators, a collection of upper class restaurants and bars, a living park that features real plants and trees, various spas and fitness centers and several swimming pools, in addition to numerous specially made attractions such as carousels. It even has its own zip line ride that races down 9 decks of the ship.

6 Toyota Century Royal


When the Emperor of Japan deemed that the Nissan Prince Royal state cars in use were no longer appropriate, he commissioned Toyota to produce four new vehicles to transport him and members of his family. The result was the Toyota Century Royal limousine. Unlike other conventional Toyota Century cars, this special version comes with wool cloth upholstery and rice paper finishing to give it a more traditional Japanese appearance. It also comes with entry steps that allow the Imperial Family into the car easily made out of granite.

As is usual for a car carrying VIPs, the suspension is advanced so that the ride remains smooth at all times, while the vehicle also has a variety of security measures to protect the occupants. While they have never been fully disclosed, it is known to include armor plating and bullet proof glass. Each of the four cars cost $500,000.

5 Starlight Headliner Phantom


Rolls-Royce created this specially designed Phantom in 2013, for the Dubai Motor Show. Featured are all of the things you would expect to be included in a Phantom, including the highest quality leather, adaptive suspension to ensure a smooth ride, a 15-speaker sound system and handmade fittings. Also included are a picnic compartment that keeps food and Champagne chilled throughout the journey, while an expensive umbrella is hidden away in the car in case it rains.

The stand out feature of the Starlight Headliner Phantom though, is the diamond encrusted roof that used fiber optic lights to create the effect of the night sky with stars burning brightly. Each light and diamond is fitted by an expert craftsmen to make sure the finish is to the best standard possible. While there is no set price for the vehicle, Rolls-Royce accepts bids for the special edition car.

4 Airbus ACJ319


Featuring a 800 square foot cabin that is the biggest of any business jet and boasting a range of more than 6,000 miles, the Airbus ACJ319 is the ultimate way to travel around the world quickly and in perfect comfort. Customers can build it to their own specifications, meaning that they can configure the separate rooms in a variety of ways and include things such as a cinema lounge or luxury bedrooms, featuring king size beds.

The Airbus ACJ319 costs a staggering $87 million, making it something that only the super-rich can afford. However, as well as billionaires who want their own private jet, around two thirds of those who buy the aircraft are multinational companies and governments, such as Brazil and Italy.

3 Sunreef Power 115


The Sunreed Power 115 is a specially made luxury superyacht from the company Sunreef Yachts. Unlike many of their other models though, the Power 115 is not available on general sale. Instead, customers have to order it so it can be built to their exact specifications. Prices range between $10 million and $15 million, depending on what the customer wants to include.

The 15-foot yacht can carry up to 12 guests at one time and comes with its own motorized dinghy, a kitchen and dining area, as well as room for a crew of six and a collection of large open rooms to provide plenty of space to entertain guests and relax. Its innovative design also means that it is incredibly steady on the water, minimizing the potential of rough waters spoiling the journey.

2 Vantare Platinum Plus


This motorhome is built specifically to cater for those who need to travel around a lot, but want to do so in complete luxury. Customers can choose from a range of furnishings that include, Italian leather, marble, crystal and antique bronze, in a style they find suits them best. Standard items include a king-size bed, a plasma TV that disappears into the floor and state of the art technology, which alerts the driver of traffic and weather problems as they happen.

For those who don’t want to spend their whole time inside the motorhome, it also has a special garage area built, that is large enough to hold a sports car. You can either use it to store your own or pay an additional cost to have it come with the vehicle when you first buy it. Altogether, the RV can reach a cost of $2.5 million, depending on the fittings and the extra options chosen.

1 The Blue Train


Almost every cabin on the famous Blue Train comes equipped with an en-suite bathroom that features showers and large bathtubs. They are outfitted with the best furnishing available, including marble tiles and high quality silk linen. Services offered include grand lounge cars, dining areas and an excellent butler service.

It also comes with an observation carriage which are usually no longer in service on conventional trains, allowing the guests to enjoy the views of the South African countryside from the back of the locomotive. During its time in operation, it has played host to dignitaries from around the world, thanks to its reputations for being the most magnificent train journey on the planet.

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