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10 Misconceptions About Christianity

The Biggest
10 Misconceptions About Christianity


Christianity is about as avoidable as a political ad. Ever since you were a little kid, you either grew up in a Christian environment, or had a friend or relative who was devout in their belief in God. Our nation was even founded by Christians. In nearly every town you pass through, there’s always at least one church to attend, if not more.

Whether you believe in the existence of an all-powerful Creator or not, there’s no denying that there is a lot of depth when it comes to being a Christian. It’s much more than what it seems at face value. One proper look at the inside of a Bible will confirm that.

It may be confusing though for those of you who look at Christianity from the outside. Not everybody who professes to believe in God follows Him, and as a result, you will see supposed “Christians” who are as vile and worldly as anybody else. I’m not saying that Christians are more pious than say atheists, rather that not every person who professes to believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible will express the kindness and love that one typically would.

This (among many other things) has led to there being a massive misunderstanding of Christianity. There are a lot of claims made about Christians that are accepted as fact, but couldn’t be further from the truth. A hard and in-depth look at the church, religion, and how others view has revealed to me 10 big misconceptions about Christianity.

10. The Bible Is Misogynistic


Another soft spot for a lot of folks. Let me be clear, when I’m talking about misogyny, I’m referring to the mistreatment of women where men come out on top. Many people (feminists in particular) fervently believe that the Bible is misogynistic. Like every other point in this article, that’s not true. Don’t believe me? Read the books of Esther and Ruth. Many times does the Bible point out that women are vital to humanity and men. Women were not designed for men, they were created because God knew that men needed help. He loves and values women just as much as he does any man. Why would he have an entire book that said otherwise?

9. Church Is Always A Safe Place



It breaks my heart a bit that this isn’t the case, because it should be. Unfortunately, church is not always the sanctuary that it was intended to be. Many churches today are plagued by hate, laziness, and dishonesty. Some are full of people that you simply can’t trust. Others take advantage of finances. I’ve even witnessed in my time an entire church congregation divided in half, and there were some brutal events that happened along with it. It’s not at all reflective of what Christianity is about, but, sometimes it occurs. You just have to be aware.

8. Anti-Science



Having experience in college, this is one I hear about a lot. You just can’t have religion and science at the same time – everything Christians believe in is based on some stubborn measure of blind faith. In reality, many believers embrace science, and many have even found logical evidence for events that took place in the Bible. On that note, some Christians even accept certain scientific beliefs on top of their faith like environmentalism, evolution, etc. God is credited as an all-knowing being who created the entire universe. With intelligent design like that, there would have to be some scientific evidence to back it up.

7. Pastors Are More Spiritual

via surviving

via surviving

While pastors and priests serve as great sources of wisdom for those in and out of the church, they are not anymore spiritual or morally better than the rest of us. As a matter of fact, some pastors will even request that you not refer to them as “Pastor (Name)”. They may have a big responsibility of helping guide an entire congregation to a better understanding of God and Jesus Christ, but that doesn’t make them a “better” person. Any pastor worth his salt will tell you after a sermon to look up what he says in the Bible, and not to just take his word for it.

6. Christianity Fixes Your Life



If you walk into Christianity thinking that it’s going to solve all of your problems, then you will not last long. Life does not become easier when you become a Christian – it becomes simpler. Christians have been persecuted and suffering hard times since the beginning of time. Not only that, we also live in an imperfect world and bad things are guaranteed to happen whether we believe in a perfect Entity or not. While this may not seem very fair to us, humans were the entire reason the world became as screwed up as it is today, according to the Bible.

5. No More Fun


“If I become a Christian, I’m not allowed to have anymore fun.” This is one of the biggest excuses I’ve come across for people choosing not to believe in God. Giving up all fun in the world would ultimately result in a joyless existence for however long you manage to live on this earth, and living miserably is counter to the nature of God, as stated in the Bible. Many verses actually point out God’s desire “to prosper you” and for you to have “a hope and a future”. Sure you might have to stay away from sinful things, but fun and sin are not always synonymous.

4. “I have To Be A Better Person First”



Some people believe that in order to be accepted by God, they have to clean up their acts and get their lives straight first. This could not be further from the truth. Throughout the Bible, Jesus Christ actually spent time with sinners and even ate dinner with them (which was sacred in those days). You don’t have to fix yourself to become a Christian. Besides, if everybody had to clean up their acts, nobody would be worthy of becoming a Christian, but more on that in a bit.

3. Christians Are Perfect


This is a blatant lie. If anybody tells you that they are perfect, then they’re lying to themselves and to you. We are flawed people in a flawed world – we will never be perfect on our own. Christians do strive to be perfect, but they will never reach it until they come face to face with God (Isaiah 40:31). If you ever become interested in a church, expect the people you meet to have imperfections. Realize that they are in fact real people like you and me.

2. Christianity Is Political


While it’s very true that many Christians are heavily involved in politics and speak their mind when it comes to things like abortion, gay marriage, and so on, that doesn’t mean the entire religion (or everybody in it) is political. The whole goal of Christianity is to have oneness with God, not to have a political agenda. Some believers do get way more involved than they should, mind you, but that doesn’t make it true across the board. Christianity is so much bigger than that.

1. They All Believe The Same



I kind of laugh at this one a bit. The notion that all Christians believe the same thing is just too absurd of a thought to think of. There are about 33,000 different denominations of Christianity. Do you think that they all believe the same way? Truth be told, a lot of Christians can’t agree on certain things like baptism, transubstantiation, and even some political topics. These differences of belief have spawned thousands of denominations, each believing a little bit differently than the next.

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