10 Instagram Profiles To Follow If You Like Big Butts

best butts on instagram

For the past few decades, the world has been obsessed with being skinny. At every Fashion Week since the eighties, stick-thin models have been pranced down the runway with nary a curve in sight. Since the early 2000s, the waifish trend has been taken to the extreme and the girls being hired to catwalk have become straight up emaciated - so much so that countries have started to implement body weight laws for models in an attempt to prevent eating disorders. Thankfully, a new body shape has slowly and surely started to emerge that celebrates women's curves and the child-bearing hips that most of them have been blessed with. The craze started with Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian and has become a widespread phenomenon ever since: after being deprived of them for so many years, the world is ready to embrace big butts again.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today and women have cleverly figured out how to land modelling contracts, acting gigs or sponsorship deals by using it. We've rounded up a list of the 10 profiles to follow if you love big butts - many of the ladies featured on it have transitioned their assets into serious cash flow and careers. We love this new body shape because it promotes healthy eating habits, physical fitness and feeling good about being female instead of trying to look androgynous. Power to the babes mentioned below.

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10 Julia Gilas - @juliagilas

Via instawebgram.com

Ukrainian-born Julia Gilas is a model in California and takes her butt very seriously. She earns a living from it, so she says that she focuses on working it out every single day and eating healthily to keep her calorie intake in check. She has over 1 million followers on Instagram and posts lots of workout videos and food photos to show her fans just how she gets her incredible body. Gilas has a successful hair extension company and charges $7.99 a month for members to join her website at jgilas.com, where she posts frequent webcam videos in a reality TV style with her equally good looking friends. While the content she posts on her site can't necessarily be considered "pornographic," it straddles the edge pretty often.

9 Kathy Bentley - @kathyzworld

Via atlnightspots.com

Kathy Bentley is the perfect embodiment of a Miami girl - all curves, long hair and golden tan. Her butt is the stuff of legend and is gigantic yet as toned as can be. She puts Nicki Minaj and other big bootied celebrities to shame and looks effortless doing it, with her mane and makeup intact in every photo she posts at the gym. She only has 197 Instagram posts but has already gathered over 1.9 million followers. As a career, Bentley is a licensed distributor of body wraps which she credits for helping her shrink her waist and keep her proportions in check. You can buy her goods at kathyzbodywraps.com.

8 Lisa Morales - @misslisamorales

Via reddit.com

Lisa Morales enjoyed a lengthy career of acting, modelling and television presenting before finding Instagram fame thanks to her toned curves. Having been featured numerous times in Maxim and Sports Illustrated magazine, Morales is now a health and fitness mentor and posts workout routines and healthy eating advice. She's not just a pretty face though - she founded MiamiModelCitizens.com to showcase successful businesswomen in her city and organize charity events. She's a busy lady, but never too busy to tone her perfect butt.

7 Joselyn Cano - @joselyncano

Via vk.com

Joselyn Cano has amassed 2 million Instagram followers after posting just 218 photos. We can't blame the world for wanting to follow her though - her curves are out of this world. Kim Kardashian can step aside - Cano has got her beat with a huge behind that seems to defy gravity. She's a vegetarian but not much else is known about her other than that she is a model. She's only posted a handful of videos of herself working out but otherwise sticks to the tried and true selfie. All in all, we may never know exactly how Joselyn Cano gets her enviable physique but we can still admire it.

6 Hafiia Mira - @hafiiamira

Via byroncrawford.com

While Hafii Amira only has 67,000 Instagram followers (which pales in comparison to the rest of the ladies on this list), she's a hugely promising butt star. Little is known about the curvy looker, but she's been snapped hanging out at Paris Fashion Week and chatting with Kanye West after walking in his show. We know that she's a model and a designer, but there's no word beyond that. She's got a boyfriend - sorry guys - and likes posting inspirational quotes beneath her insanely hot photos. In case her name didn't give it away, Mira is Israeli.

5 Caitlin Rice - @caitlinricefit

Via qltyctrl.com

Caitlin Rice has a steady following of 846,000 users on Instagram, who are taken with her rock hard curves and apple bottom. Having been a fashion model in Georgia at the age of 16, she was pressured by her agents to lose weight and almost spiralled into an eating disorder. From there, she quit modelling and went to college where she taught herself about exercise and nutrition in her spare time and went on to open her own fitness company with her husband. Today, she helps hundreds of clients and thousands of followers online get toned all while looking incredible doing it.

4 Jen Selter - @jenselter

Via yourfriendshouse.com

Alright, alright. We know - Jen Selter is way overhyped. But we have to hand it to the girl, she's got a great butt. Having originally started working out to bulk up her too thin frame, Selter arguably owns one of the most famous posteriors on the planet and has over 6 million followers tracking her every move (literally). The fitness fanatic wasn't always so confident though. Selter had a nose job to cosmetically enhance her facial appearance and was extremely shy growing up. Today, she's featured in magazines and on television and is sponsored by some of the best brands in the business.

3 Yovanna Ventura - @yoventura

Via whoandwhom.com

If Yovanna Ventura's name sounds familiar, it's because it probably is. After Justin Bieber broke up with longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez, he turned to Ventura and her assets for a rebound. At just 19 years old, the brunette babe has two million Instagram followers who tune in to get workout tips, diet plans and watch her exercise videos. Since dating the singer and hanging out with Kendall Jenner, Ventura's popularity has only grown - making her followers multiply at a rate of 1000% in just one year. The Miami-bred fitness lover speaks fluent Spanish and is signed to Elite Model Management.

2 Casi Davis - @casidavis

Via pinterest.com

Casi Davis' steady stream of Instagram photos featuring her perfect, toned derriere can keep even the pickiest of butt lovers happy. While not much is known about the bodacious blonde, we do know that she hails from Florida and is currently living in Miami. She's an avid fan of side lunges, spin classes, boot camps and dead lifts. Fittingly enough, she's a district marketing manager at Vita Coco - a healthy coconut water drink. Oh, and she loves Drake lyrics. Become one of her 250,000 followers and you won't be disappointed.

1 Niykee Heaton - @niykeeheaton

Via globalgrind.com

Funnily enough, Niykee Heaton first rose to fame because of a Chief Keef cover song, not her famous butt. She uploaded the single to her YouTube channel and the rest was history, landing her hundreds of thousands of fans and a record deal. When the songstress isn't recording, she's busy squatting, lunging and training her bottom half to give her that signature curvy look. She is vocal about her love of Cheetos and doesn't seem to pay too much mind to dieting. Heaton currently has over one million Instagram followers - join the ride for constant asspiration.

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