10 Humongous Body Parts You Won’t Believe Are Real

We may complain about having big ears or large pores, but that is nothing compared to the body parts on this list. We have included 10 humongous body parts you won't believe are real. From hands and feet, to hips and breasts, these body parts are quite astonishing. Some of them are downright strange, while others are wildly intriguing. Some are unfortunate and freakish acts of nature, while others can be advantageous, depending on how you look at it.

The human body is indeed very interesting. There are body parts that most of us may take for granted on a daily basis. Yet, after looking through this list, we may be able to better respect and be thankful for our normal-sized body parts. We are not exactly yearning for huge hips or extra-long fingernails. These body parts smash world records and provide some odd entertainment for viewers. While some of the owners of these freakishly-huge body parts are happy to have them, others have gotten rid of their humongous organs and appendages.

It is an interesting list, to be sure. As we read this list, we are thankful that we were born with our seemingly “normal” bodies. We are not lining up for the world's largest nose anytime soon.

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10 Super-Long Legs

Lengthy legs are a desired feature for most people, regardless of gender. There is something alluring about long, lean legs. Well, the woman with the longest legs in the world lives in Virginia. Her legs stretch to more than four feet and have earned her the latest World Record in that category. Svetlana Pankratova has legs that max out at four feet, four inches! This adds to her overall height of six feet, five inches; pretty tall for a female. She is not the tallest woman on earth, but her legs do break the record. The benefits? She is an awesome basketball player, and she can kill it in a minidress. The downside? Getting into and out of cars is a bit tricky, and we suppose she needs a custom-made bed.

9 Huge Hands

The largest human hands ever recorded measured out at 32.3 centimeters (12.7 inches), and required a whopping size 25 ring! Having hands that are more than a foot wide must be pretty strange, but could be useful when playing baseball. Currently, the largest hand on a living human belong to this man, Jerry Sokoloski, and measure at 12 inches exactly. Honestly, we cannot even imagine hands this big. Would they be terrifying, intriguing, or both? These hands could be used to cradle an infant to sleep, or carry our weekly groceries with ease. One thing is certain, we would definitely not want to receive a high-five from this guy.

8 Twisty Tongue

The tongue is an interesting body part, and it is surprisingly strong. If you think you are cool for being able to touch your nose with your touch, or shaping your tongue into a four-leaf clover, check this out. The longest tongue ever recorded is 3.86 inches long and belongs to Nick Stoeberl of Monterey California. He's an expert at eating ice cream cones and sealing envelopes. We certainly cannot trust him to tell us how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop...but it is kind of cool (and weird) that his tongue is about the same size as a typical iPhone! We are still not sure how much saliva this tongue produces on a daily basis, but it is probably better not knowing.

7 Freakish Fingernails

Maybe you are one of those people who loves to get your nails done. The longer the better, right? Well, maybe not. The longest fingernails are quite scary, and measured 32 feet, 3.8 inches! Whoa, we would never want to be tasked with the job of painting those nails. How does one even perform daily tasks (eating, sleeping, driving) with such long fingernails? The longest female fingernails were actually destroyed in an accident. When nails start getting quite lengthy, they begin to curl, causing twisting, turning nails that resemble winding ivy or a coiling snake. We will just stick to trimming our nails weekly, thank you!

6 Nasty Nose

The nose is particularly intriguing because it tends to vary from person to person. Yet there is no mistaking a large schnoz when you see one! The largest human nose has achieved a Guinness World Record. Mehmet Ozyurek of Turkey has a nose measuring an astounding 8.8 centimeters (3.46 inches.) With a nose that big, we do not even want to imagine what it's like when the owner gets a cold or flu. The nostrils on this sniffer are large enough to fit your loose change into, making it a portable piggy bank, if you so choose. It might be better to just admire this large nose from a distance, and to take cover when a sneeze is coming on.

5 Booming Breasts

Most men do not mind large breasts, but the biggest boobies ever might not be so great. The largest natural chest belongs to Annie Hawkins-Turner who totes around 70-inch boobs. They are bigger than most infants, and must be quite troublesome to walk around with. Is there even a bra that can support 2-foot, 3-inch breasts? We have a feeling this woman could provide breast milk for quite a good number of babies. Let us be clear: these are not fake boobs, no cosmetic surgery here! These are natural breasts; talk about being well-endowed! The record-holder also has no plans to get breast reduction surgery.

4 Scary-big Scrotum

Sadly, the record-holder of the world's largest scrotum passed away in 2014. He died after a series of heart attacks, which were brought on by his diabetes. Wesley Warren, Jr. held the Guinness World Record for the largest scrotum known to man, which weighed in at 132 pounds! He appeared on television and had his huge body part surgically removed. How did his scrotum get super-sized? He had a rare medical condition known as scrotal lymphedema, which caused the body part to swell up exponentially. Upon the removal of his scrotum, he was able to live a (not-surprisingly) more liberated life. Over six years of living with scrotal lymphedema, he experienced intense pain and an ever-growing scrotum.

3 Far-Reaching Feet

Forget Big Foot, the owner of the world's largest feet has got Sasquatch beat. Brahim Takioullah of Morocco lays claim to the biggest feet on earth, which measure in at over a foot long! His right foot is one foot, 2.76 inches, while his left foot is one foot, 3 inches. Turns out, our left and right feet are slightly different in length, but the change is not very evident. Yet, there is no mistaking these huge feet! He barely needs to wear shoes when he goes outside. He actually has a rare condition known as acromegaly, which he was diagnosed with when he was just a child.

2 Hefty Hips

We are pretty sure that Shakira would not be jealous of these hips. The largest hips known to man belong to Mikel Ruffinelli of Los Angeles. Her hips measure eight feet in circumference! She is married and absolutely loves her curvaceous bod, as does her hubby. We imagine there are some disadvantages to having such hefty hips. For instance, how about climbing the stairs, showering, and riding public transportation? There are also the medical issues that can come with such wide hips. Arthritis is a huge problem for Ruffinelli, and she needs to drive a truck, since it is a vehicle that supports her wide circumference.

1 Tremendous Tonsils

We do not usually think much of our tonsils, except when they are causing us pain. In that case, our thinking shifts to getting them taken out and enjoying bowl after bowl of ice cream. Well, we can serve up a hearty helping for Patrick Kelleher, the person who has the largest tonsils on earth. They max out at humongous proportions, as far as tonsils are concerned. One measures 2.4 by 1.4 by 1.2 inches, and the other is 2.0 by 1.4 by 1.0 inches. These tremendous tonsils were removed by surgeons and blew them away. Not surprisingly, the owner of the tonsils reported easier breathing and sleeping after the operation!

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