10 Hot Millionaires Under Thirty You Can't Help But Envy

Imagine what it's like to be a millionaire, or a billionaire even, at the height of your physical prime. Many of the successful people with their own fortunes who we hear about tend to be a little older, amassing their wealth over the years of their lives, but here all you are going to read about are those who pulled it all off before their 30th birthday!

Some you may have heard of before, but what is guaranteed here is that not only are these people wealthy, but they're also young and HOT! With the world at their feet, who knows what any of them will do with their lives from here on out, leaving the rest of us to marvel and probably envy their success. Regardless of whether they became world famous through luck, hard work or simply from being a part of the right family, they all have that little extra spark to make everyone want to either be them or be with them.

10 Pewdie Pie


Felix Kjellberg has been around for a few years now as PewdiePie, his YouTube channel having over 42.2 million subscribers. Currently aged 26, he first created and launched his channel featuring his videos six years ago, gaining popularity until in 2012 he signed a deal with online video group Maker Studios.

9 Emma Watson

She blew all of us away first as the young 11 year old child actress in the first Harry Potter film back in 2001, continuing to grow into her acting role and then as a starting out model, featuring on the cover of Vogue as well as in a Lancôme Perfume ad in 2011.

8 Evan Spiegel


We are going to jump from moderately wealthy to INSANELY WEALTHY for Mr. Spiegel. The 25 year old American met his business partner Bobby Murphy while attending Stanford University in a frat house, and together they created the popular Snapchat app. Developed from a previous app they had made which failed, Snapchat was released in 2011. Spiegel eventually had to turn down a $3 billion offer from Facebook wanting to buy them out, and by May 2015, Snapchat was worth $16 billion.

7 Karlie Kloss

Born in 1992 in Chicago, Illinois, and then raised in St. Louis, Karlie Kloss would grow up to become one of the hottest models of the 2000's, starting out at a very young age.

6 Catherine Cook


At the age of only 15, Cook, along with her two older brothers had the awesome idea to create a website where school kids can store and access all of their yearbook information, combining pictures and school experiences with the social media platforms.

In 2005, the two younger Cooks convinced oldest brother Geoff to invest $250,000 in launching their website, and after they were completely set up the website soon took off. In one year alone, generated $4.1 million and was ranked as one of the most used sites by 12-17 year olds at the time.

5 Kylie Jenner

Most of her money comes from her family and featuring in the family show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, however this once shy member of the Jenner/Kardashian clan may also be working towards improving her own name and image with a possible modeling career.

4 Kendall Jenner

The other daughter to Kris and Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner, Kendall is two years older then her little sister and has made a bit more of a reputation for her modeling work. She first entered into the spotlight back in 2007 as a very young teen, just like her sister in Keeping Up With The Kardashians before entering into modeling in 2009, at just 14 years old. The following year she was featured on the cover of Teen Vogue and once she got her first catwalk opportunity in 2011 things started to gather momentum.

3 Barron Nicholas Hilton II


2 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift deserves a place on this list instead of young successes such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande, simply because of the level of self-respect she has maintained throughout her career, making her someone we all wish we could be instead of being someone who many of us hate.

1 Amanda Hearst


Great-granddaughter of media mogul William Randolph Hearst (who is rumored to have been the inventor of modern tabloid style journalism), Amanda Hearst is the heiress to the multi-billion dollar Hearst Corporation as well as being an activist, a spokesperson for ethical fashion brand Maison de Mode, and works for Town And Country Magazine.

She has also had some features doing modeling work as an IMG model, turning up on the covers of magazines such as International Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and also having features in Vanity Fair.


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10 Hot Millionaires Under Thirty You Can't Help But Envy