10 Breathtaking Wedding Aisles you Need to See to Believe

Elegance is an understated word to describe the following wedding aisles.

Yes, some people actually have fairytale, too-good-to-be-true weddings with décor and details not being limited by budgets. Without monetary restraints, vision can come alive to display ceremonies that encompass works of art. The day of your wedding is supposed to be a magical day where you and your future spouse can share in the excitement with all of your family and friends. Can you picture what you would you do for your own wedding if there wasn't anything holding you back? Can you imagine the magnitude of detailing? A couple can dream, but some actually get to experience it. With the magic of wedding photography, we get to enjoy it - Thank goodness for that! These wedding ceremonies are tantalizing to the eyes and can’t help but make you dream.

For some wedding aisles it's about location and the jaw-dropping surroundings that are already provided, and for some it's about the thousands of details that were brought in and styled for an event that lasts just a few hours. Either way, these wedding aisles are ridiculously wonderful. It’s hard to imagine which ones are better than the next, because they all have such unique aspects that make them great. With either simplicity or complexity, these weddings took a magical moment and orchestrated elaborate masterpieces which will be shared among the wedding world for a long time. Now of course not everyone has the means for such elaborate productions, but inspiration and ingenuity can lead to great creations.

10 Top to bottom

Via thebridaldetective.com

With some aisles, it's not enough to sweep the entire room with beauty.  In this case, the decor was taken all the way up and around to engulf the ceremony with grandeur. Up lighting and planters where used to take this wedding to a whole other level, literally.  Our eyes no longer look down the the aisle, but all around the room.  They have scaled the floral up the ceiling and used up-lighting with a hue of purple to represent the colours of the wedding.  Not to mention the fact that this aisle is also lined with living potted greenery, as if they have brought an entire garden party indoors.  Gorgeous much?

9 Location, location, location.

Via colincowieweddings.com

There is something to be said for simplicity in a location that already demands attention. Some ceremonies require a lot of decor to bring out (or mask) the details that are already provided by the venue, but then you come across special locations that are so gorgeous it's almost sinful to try and change it.  This image is so organically beautiful that I am glad the decor is understated.  Having a wedding aisle at the base of ruins is creating a backdrop that can only be achieved after a hundred years of waiting for nature to work its wonder.

8 Fairy tales do come alive.

Via colincowieweddings.com

Sometimes weddings get to pay homage to the dreamers inside of us and just scream childhood whimsy.  For this wedding aisle, Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden's theatrical movie sets have been put to shame in comparison to the masterpiece created. Not only is it a wedding aisle, but it's also the setting for a grand entrance fit for the little princess inside.  Here, they have successfully brought elements to a ceremony that a little girl would dream to walk down in her storybook fantasies.

7 Perfect just isn't perfect enough.

Via prestonbailey.com

Some ceremony spaces are perfect, but can still flawed.  Although this space is absolutely stunning, if you look close enough you can see the less than flattering flooring at this wedding venue; which shows that just because  a room is as gorgeous as Marie Antoinette's ballroom, does not mean that it isn't without a small fault.  You wouldn't think that it could not be more beautiful than it already was, but with the magic of the rose pedals completely overtaking the floor, this wedding aisle is fit for a Victorian Queen.

6 Over do it with floral.

Via marry.vn

Look up, way up!  That's not something you typically hear (or think of) when discussing wedding decor.  It's not enough to bring in an absurd amount of floral to a wedding ceremony and this wedding aisle doesn't disappoint.  We often forget that decor does not have to be limited to the resources available in the venue. Here, they've opted for trees to  elevate the decor right over the aisle and creating a natural archway leading the bride right to her groom.   It's an amazing and strategically placed work of outstanding artistry.

5 Less can be more.

Via pinterest.com

Although not outdoors, where I tend to always agree that simplicity in details is key, here you can see a room that was already beautifully showing it's rugged age as a centre of attention.  For this wedding ceremony canvas, they have decided to use cascading fabric to convey a sweet and simple element to a rustic and masculine room.  This wedding aisle is a perfect case where less is definitely more with a perfect balance of compositions.  You can easily take this inspiration and create it as your own, if you find a venue that already has a rich historical elegance.

4 What backdrop?

Via mindyweiss.com

Let's make it grand!  Statement pieces are incredible for creating a stunning ceremony.  Not to be underestimated as an accent to other decor, it demands its own stage.  The next best thing to Kimye's wall of flowers at a wedding are 4 pillars of staggering floral surrounding you and your partner.  And what makes it more incredible is that this wedding aisle is so breathtaking it distracts you from even noticing that there is an ocean-view background.  It sets a tone and standard that says a beach wedding can still have glamour.

3 There's never "Too Much"

Via axioo.com

Does anything really have to be said about this fabulous set-up?  Seriously.  I can hear the décor planner now as they are creating the design in their heads: "Let's have the ceremony run right over a 50 foot pool, we will suspend floral over the entire length to give the illusion of a sky dripping of flora, then roll out custom green carpet surrounding the entire venue to add a garden illusion, finished with candelabras sitting atop mirrored boxes with such large accents that they look as if they could topple over.  Yes, it will be spectacular."

2 A rose by any other name.

Via mindyweiss.com

Yes, thousands of flowers still smell as sweet especially when a simple archway isn't glamorous enough until it's been doused in roses.  This wedding aisle compliments a simple concept that has been taken to a whole other level by encompassing the entire room.  We can see that white roses have been placed everywhere and anywhere, with white uplighting to make it even more dramatic - If that were even possible.  I like that they opted for white on white which can translate to a timeless wedding style.

1 Some people think of everything.

Via cecinewyork.com

Let's get serious; This décor set-up takes your breath away. I can't even begin to decide what I like more about this ceremony because at first glance you don't even realize the magnitude of the work that went into this spectacular space. From the chandelier made of suspending lilies, to each and every guest's chair being adorned with swag, to the gazebo completely covered inch by inch with flowers placed strategically in an ombre pattern; this wedding aisle is perfection. I can't even imagine the work that went behind every single flower placed one by one to create this project.

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