The 10 Biggest Fashion Trend Fails

We can't be perfect all the time when it comes to the way that we dress. Sometimes we take a leap of faith and give a new trend a try and find out that it doesn't work for us or that it was something better off left for runway models to explore. With new trends popping up each season and sweeping over the nation, it can be difficult to gauge which ones will be big hits and while ones will go down in history as fashion trend fails.

Since people started dressing for fashion and not function, there have been countless fashion trend fails that we have seen. Fashion trend fails can stem from many different places. They can be a trend that everyone thought was “cool” for a hot minute, and then looked back at themselves saying, “what was I thinking?” Or it can also be someone who is in the spotlight like a major celebrity who took the wrong advice from their personal stylist and will forever go down in history with “wtf” branded in their memory.

No matter how you look at it, these moments are iconic in a sense. We forget about them, and then they resurface. Whenever you have a fashion trend fail, whether as a designer or customer, it doesn't go unnoticed. So think carefully the next time you're getting dressed for a big night out on the town or deciding whether to indulge in the latest fashion trend, and remember that if it’s not well received, you will be remembered

10 Crocs

Unless you are a child or work in the medical profession, these shoes should not ever be worn in public. They are questionable in design and color, and while comfortable, they are ugly and unattractive to look at. No matter how you look at it, there should NOT be a pair of these in your closet.

This company was created in 2002 and surprisingly has three hundred, four season shoe options. What makes them different? Though they aren't pretty to look at, Crocs are made of a proprietary material that keeps the shoes soft, lightweight, odor resistant, and comfortable. Not many shoe companies can beat that, but what one lacks in comfort makes up for in appearance.

9 Baggy Pants

To be completely honest, we're not really sure why this ever became a trend to begin with or why people are still walking around with their pants almost around their ankles. Another question that comes to mind, how can that even be comfortable?

We suppose that every boy goes through a period in their lives when dressing with pants so baggy that they almost expose themselves, but eventually most guys grow up. Seeing grown men walking around in baggy pants in the year 2014 has fashion fail written all over it and the guilty should be escorted to fashion prison.

8 Leggings as Pants

Alright, all of us ladies have been there, let’s just get that out of the way first. It happens. Leggings are the current day version of the infamous “stretch pants” that we all grew up with which were all a little bit thicker than the leggings of today. This is the key point we must all keep in mind moving forward.

In most cases, the most seemingly opaque leggings still let light shine through whenever it is stretched over our rear end and the sunlight comes into play, it’s just a fact. So unless you are wearing your leggings with a dress, tunic or longer shirt over top, opt for something NOT SHEER when getting dressed in the morning. Please and thank you.

7 Visors Turned Sideways

In the 90’s, this was a huge trend, and a huge fail as we all look back. Seemingly, the visor was the perfect creation for men because it shielded their eyes from the sun, yet didn't mess up their heavily gelled hair that was also trendy during the time. The fail occurred when the trend became to wear the visor turned sideways, making men look like idiots.

Thank goodness this is a trend that has passed, but it’s one that we will always remember as we glance back in time or peruse through old photos where this trend shall stay locked away.

6 Velour Tracksuits

Yes, we all love Juicy Couture for its overpriced clothing that is targeted at teens to make their parents go broke, but we have to admit that we all obsessed over that velour tracksuit when it came out. Then, we look at how we were dressed in it and cringe. However, this fashion trend fail isn't just for the women, oh no, it’s for the men, too!When menswear companies saw the success of Juicy Couture, designers started creating them for men, too. Surprisingly, men hopped on board the velour tracksuit bandwagon and rocked them until they could rock no more.

5 Wallet Chains

Ugh. That pretty much sums up this trend in one sound. Was there a period in time where it was impossible for a man to keep track of his wallet unless he has it attached to an over-sized chain that was also attached to his pants? There is nothing fashionable about the way this looks or how the trend is executed.

Thankfully, men have acquired the skill of being able to keep track of their wallets all on their own, so we were able to kiss this fail goodbye.

4 Shoulder Pads

Looking back, it’s very questionable why designers decided that it was time to make women look boxy in appearance and they bought into it as if it would last forever. With the challenges that women face each and every day with their body and learning how to dress for their body shape, it’s interesting that a fashion trend that further changes that shape into a new shape would be so popular. Nonetheless, it was a trend that truly made it mark in history and every family portrait from our childhood.

3 Carpenter Jeans

So we totally get the functionality of these pants, that is if you are a carpenter. They give you all sorts of pockets to store tools in and the shape well there really isn't much of a shape to these jeans. What we don’t understand is why men (and women is some even more unfortunate cases) began wearing these as part of their daily style, who were not carpenters.

Thankfully, these pants have pretty much been eliminated from any retail establishment that would be deemed fashionable and are being sold in places where their rightful owners can purchase them, at a uniform store.

2 Platform Sneakers

When the Spice Girls swept the nation, so did their cheesy “girl power” fashion trends. It almost seemed as if every trend they brought to the United States got really popular very fast and then faded just as quickly as it came. After all, most of their trends (i.e. spandex from head to toe), were not things that we wanted our children wearing or that one could really leave the house in.

The worst of them all was probably that platform sneaker because it seemed to stick around the longest. In addition, it lead to other platform shoes, which were equally as terrible

1 Guys Wearing Girl Pants

A picture really is worth a thousand words and in this case, probably more. All we can picture are these men walking into a department store and being asked to be pointed in the direction of the girls department. Not very manly at all. The thing is, there are specific elements such as where the button closes and simple design elements like embroidery, embellishment and ruching that really defines women’s wear. So when you are a man, shopping in the wrong department on purpose, it stirs up more questions than just the obvious.

Either way, we are happy that designer denim companies started making skinny jeans for men, to relieve them from the embarrassment of wandering to the girls department.

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