The 10 Most Inhumane Zoos In The World

If you watch CBS 60 Minutes you probably caught the story about Damian Aspinall, the millionaire who owned a zoo. Aspinall's 500-acre park is located in Kent, England and was founded by his father. On

If you watch CBS 60 Minutes you probably caught the story about Damian Aspinall, the millionaire who owned a zoo. Aspinall's 500-acre park is located in Kent, England and was founded by his father. Once the zoo was put under his care, he used it to save endangered species and has done so for over 130 lowland gorillas, 30 black rhinos, 180 tigers and 140 clouded-leopards.

The millionaire is at home with his animals and according to the story, he is known to roll around with his tigers and gorillas. He has, however, decided that all of the animals that were born on the property should be given their freedom and returned to their natural environment. In fact, his vision is to eradicate all zoos everywhere.

To that end, he set out to send a silverback gorilla family back to Africa, their homeland - although the family was born on his reserve. Most animal rights and animal pundits, such as Tara Stoinski, president - Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, warned against making this move sensing the gorillas would not be able to protect themselves in the wild.

Aspinall did not listen and continued with his plan without wavering. So much for aborting the mission - at last report only four out of the ten gorillas survived being placed into the wild.

Animal rights are becoming more and more mainstream, and rightfully so, as the inhumanity that is directed toward animals is unconscionable. The basic idea of animal rights, according to is that "non-human animals are entitled to the possession of their own lives and that their most basic interests - such as the lack of suffering - should be afforded the same consideration as similar interests of human beings."

The zoos we are about to present will demonstrate the opposite of this philosophy. The reasons for poor zoo-keeping seem to come down to lack of space, budget, under-staffing and misappropriation of funding. So then, we have to wonder why these zoos are allowed to remain open and why people keep visiting them. Take a peek at some of the world's most inhumane zoos according to and various sources and let us hear from you. What are your thoughts about zoos and animal rights? Every person can make a difference.

10 Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia

9 Mumbai Zoo, India

8 Giza Zoo, Egypt

7 Kiev Zoo, Ukraine

6 San Antonio Zoo, U.S.

In a breaking story by Fox News San Antonio, the San Antonio Zoo is being investigated for violating the Endangered Species Act because of the treatment of Lucky, the elephant, who is living in deplorable conditions and in solitary confinement. Her pen mate for life died about four years ago and she has been alone since.

5 Gelkand Park, Iraqi Kurdistan

4 Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo, China

3 Oradea Zoo, Romania


This Oradea Zoo in Romania has animals living in squalor, according to a report in the Daily Mail. The conditions were so bad that the lives of 13 lions were in severe danger. Their story became so publicized that $219,629 in contributions came from all over the world to have them moved to a safer home. Most of the lions were able to regain their health once moved, except for three. Sadly one lion was attacked by lionesses in his new British home and did not survive.

2 Dhaka Zoo, Bangladesh


1 Pyongyang Central Zoo, North Korea

The zoo that now includes Yorkshire Terriers is said to be one of the worst in the world. In 2006, the Asia Times reported how the Pyongyang Zoo mistreats its animals. The zoo is said to be keeping endangered species that are not captive anywhere else in the world. It was the "wildlife" documentary "Fighting Animals" that made the outside world aware that the featured animals were actually caged animals from the zoo. The animals live in cages that are not fit for man or animal; the cold and cramped environment leave the animals unhappy and depressed. It is not likely the three Yorkies, who have been trained to perform circus tricks, are going to have long and prosperous lives in this habitat.


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The 10 Most Inhumane Zoos In The World