The 10 Happiest Places To Live

What is the one thing in the world that everyone strives for, and searches for? We all want it for ourselves, and we want to give it to others; happiness. To be happy and to live with your family and friends that also share happiness, is what we all really want, and essentially, what we all really need.

People travel all over the world to find what makes them happy; have that be with jobs, friends, hobbies, or where you end up living in life. Researchers have pulled through many years of data to truly find the top best places to live, depending on how happy the people are in the surrounding area. In this list, you’ll find the top ten list of the happiest places to live, and why. So pack up your things and get ready for that u-haul; your world is about to be a whole lot happier.

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10 Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful country, and a wonderful place to visit, if you haven’t so already. If you’re wondering why Sweden would be one of the top places to live in the world, you’ll realize soon enough with your usual five weeks paid vacation to start. Sweden is incredibly Eco-friendly, and has great public transportation to get you around where you need to go. Not only that, but you’re in Europe; you can take weekend trips and see the rest of the great lands surrounding you! Sweden is also known for its perfect summers, and all of the outdoor activities this awesome place has to offer you.

9 San Luis Obispo, CA

Although this city is the only one listed in the United States, it packs a powerful punch. The city of San Luis Obispo is a beautiful place, filled with luscious greens and large hills surrounding the valley. Oprah was one of the first people to claim this spot as one of the happiest places in America, and claim that the people and the atmosphere are slower and more peaceful. There are plenty of activities to do outside, as well as a bike path that flows throughout the town. The crime rates are extremely low, and the people are extremely happy.

8 Belize

What more would you want than a perfect climate, and the largest barrier reef as your backyard? Get ready for that Caribbean lifestyle that you've seen and heard about; it’s warm and gracious people, it’s incredible beaches and turquoise colored water; you'll never want to leave as soon as you step off the plane. The people here are mostly fishermen and farmers, who spend their time living life! Enjoy the wonderful breeze of Belize, and become happy again.

7 Denmark

The number one reason why Denmark is one of the happiest places to live is the fact that Denmark is all about, and for, the people. Denmark has an incredible education system, and free healthcare, as well as free daycare. Denmark has a wonderful outdoorsy feel; with plenty of biking routes, and breathtaking hikes. People that live in Denmark say they feel happy because they know they have a strong community to help them through tough times, and that they don't feel alone.

6 The Netherlands

Okay, so the Netherlands doesn’t have an exotic beach, but that doesn't mean this place doesn't offer some great happiness. The Netherlands scored a 9 on the “life satisfaction” scale, and let’s see why. The Netherlands have a super strong job market, as well as a fun community and social life. The people of the Netherlands also were surveyed, and said that 94% of people have someone that they can count on for a specific time of need.

5 Singapore

You wouldn't think of Singapore as one of the happiest places to live, with its over-crowded population, but with its recent survey, Singapore people stated that they were “overly happy” with its cleanliness and safety. Not only that, but they have a true bond with each and every one of their neighbors (can you say that about you and your neighbor?). Having someone you can depend on is a true statement of being happy and feeling secure; and Singapore has it.

4 Canada

Oh, Canada. This wonderful country has been doing extremely well in the last couple of years, and has scored the highest in satisfaction with personal freedom, and third in education. Canada also has a long life expectancy, as well as a great social network. This country has a lot to offer you; with big cities that offer diversity and opportunity, to its rural and small town cities, you'll never be bored.

3 Vietnam

Vietnam is a growing and exciting place. Vietnam has become a major tourist attraction recently, and has lots to show for it, with its peaceful beaches, booming cities, and its fun and diverse cultural traditions, you'll never want to leave.

2 Norway

If you haven't been to Norway, then you have to put it on your next place to go. Norway is a beautiful place, filled with super happy people. Practically every town in Norway has gorgeous scenery filled with brightly green hills, and sea ports, there will always be a place to stop and take it all in. The people of Norway believe that they have more freedom to choose what they want out of life, and they feel as though they are the one’s making the decisions on how to choose between life, and work—which are the two most important and hard things to balance in everyone’s life.

1 Costa Rica

The beautiful land of Costa Rica has been a staple of one of the greatest places to visit in Latin America. Costa Rica has a saying: “Pura Vida”, meaning life is good—and boy is it. Costa Rica has an endless amount of things to do, whether it’s going to the beach, touring the rain forest, visiting the local towns and embracing its culture, as well as the incredible volcanoes that surround part of the country. Costa Rica is army free, and has a life expectancy of 85 years old. Who wouldn't love to live in warm tropical weather, and live the slow peaceful life by the beach?

We all strive for happiness, and we all want it for others. By seeing what else is offered in the world, and who seems to be the most happy, you can see what may be missing from the life that you want. Being happy consists of having great friends, people to depend on, a great social network, a land of opportunity, and of course, beautiful scenery and activities to partake in.

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