Top 20 Celebrity Couples With the Largest Age Differences

biggest celeb couple age differences

In Hollywood, it's sometimes hard to know whether or not a couple is in love. Think about it: where fame and money collide, it can be difficult to find true love. So when we see a lovey-dovey duo on the red carpet, we can’t help but be a bit weary. Some of these relationships and marriages play out and become totally awesome, while others fall by the wayside. Here is our list of the 20 Celebrity Couples with the Largest Age Differences.

As you will see, some of these partnerships are still going strong, and the couples look great and very happy together. We imagine that it must be nearly impossible to have an easy-breezy relationship in Tinseltown, but these celebs make it look like a piece of cake!

That isn’t to say that some of these pairings are just downright creepy. Age differences maxing out past the two-decade time span make us a bit squeamish. Even so, these celebrities seem to be enjoying the moment, and perhaps they really are just madly in love! Have fun looking through these somewhat odd pairings and keep in mind that all is fair in love and war. Or so they say!

20 Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo - 10 years

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Oh, Adam Levine. He is one of the Sexiest Men Alive (just ask People Magazine, or any female on earth.) The Maroon 5 singer and frontman can have pretty much any chick he wants. So it really is no surprise that he is now in a romantic relationship with Behati Prinsloo, gorgeous model 10 years his junior. What a lucky girl! Just in her mid-twenties, she is some great arm candy for Adam’s muscular, tattooed arms. That isn’t to say that Behati is not awesome in her own right; she is, in fact, a very accomplished model. What a beautiful pairing.

19 Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez - 10 years

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18 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie - 11 years

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They are the ultimate power couple who may very well one day take over the world. Okay, so maybe not, but Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie definitely have it going on. We must say, Brad is a much better choice for Angelina than Billy Bob Thornton (no offense, Billy!) Even though there are 11 years between Brad and Angelina, “Brangelina” continues to capture our hearts. They have adopted, had their own kids, and finally tied the knot to make it official! On top of their stellar acting skills, they are great humanitarians as well. This is a thumbs-up relationship all around!

17 Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively - 11 years

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Here is some gossip for you: Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds have an 11-year age gap between them. Yet they have a great marriage, or so it looks! They recently welcomed a baby boy together, who is less than one year old. Cute! The actors are so proud of their family together and they seem to be showing us all that you can indeed have a successful and happy marriage, even under those bright Hollywood lights. We are so thrilled to see the Gossip Girl star finally settle down and become a mama. We hope more kids are in her future!

16 Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey - 11 years

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Okay, so an 11-year age gap is a bit much, but not as large as some of the other couples on our list. Still, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey ended up calling it quits after a few years of a seemingly happy marriage. Hm, could it have been that they both had large egos and there was a bit of competition? Or could it be the 11-year age gap? Maybe something else, but all we know is that it can be a bit awkward when the wife ages and the younger husband is still in the prime of his life.

15 Jay-Z & Beyonce - 12 years

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Talk about a power couple! There may be a 12-year gap between them, but Jay-Z and Beyonce are owning it! They even have a beautiful young daughter, Blu Ivy, who is the epitome of both Jay-Z and Beyonce’s allure. The music moguls never stop, and while they are busy practically ruling the world, they seem to still find time to keep the romance alive. Now rumors are spreading that Bey and Jay-Z are expecting another baby, and hey, we are all for it. Gotta spread the love and those awesome genes! This is one celeb pairing that we hope to see continue well into the future.

14 Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin - 12 years

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13 Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green - 13 years

12 Hugh Jackman & Deborra-Lee Furness - 13 years

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11 Sean Penn & Charlize Theron - 15 years

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10 Dominic Purcell & AnnaLynne Mccord - 17 years

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These two had an age difference that spanned 17 years. Perhaps that was just a bit too much time, and could explain why they decided to end their relationship back in December of 2014. Yet they did have 3 years together as a couple, so things must have been somewhat enjoyable, at least for a little bit. Anyway, one of them seems to be rebounding just fine: Dominic was seen with another lady shortly after his breakup from AnnaLynne. Ouch! Well, since AnnaLynne is stunning and talented (she’s also a great model!), we are sure that she will find someone new as well very soon.

9 Olivier Sarkozy & Mary-Kate Olsen - 17 years

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Dating older men must run in the Olsen family, because Ashley’s twin sister, Mary-Kate has also been in a relationship with an older man! With a 17-year gap between Mary-Kate and Olivier Sarkozy, apparently there has been some romance brewing between them. Perhaps they have both found a way to bond by being somewhat “has-beens” in the public sphere: Mary-Kate no longer acts and Olivier is an ageing finance expert. He is also the half-bro of former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy. Connection! After 3 years of dating, the couple actually decided to tie the knot in an under-the-radar wedding ceremony.

8 Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse - 17 years

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7 Bennett Miller & Ashley Olsen - 19 years

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The Olsen twins never cease to amaze us, although as they get older, it seems to be in a more mind-boggling way. Case in point: Ashley Olsen has been involved with a man 19 years her senior: Bennett Miller. The two have been spotted gallivanting around New York City and elsewhere. In a relationship that began on the down-low, Ashely and Bennett became more prevalent in the public eye, and it is a strange pairing indeed. But who are we to judge? Anyway, Ashley is still honing her businesswoman chops while Bennett is working as a director. Lights, camera, action!

6 Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - 20 years

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There is a 20-year age gap between Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but they seem to enjoy each other’s company. They are the epitome of that long sought-after couple: he is muscular and manly and she is petite and pretty. Well, they certainly have that going for them! As Jason continues acting and Rosie does her modeling gigs, they must also be doing something to keep their relationship going strong. Perhaps there will be a long-term marriage that comes out of all this? We will keep our fingers crossed! In the meantime, we will keep watching them hang out together and look absolutely adorable.

5 Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart - 23 years

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Perhaps Harrison Ford has channeled his inner Indiana Jones and that is what is helping him keep his marriage to Calista Flockhart alive and well. There is 23-year age gap between the couple, yet they seem to be doing quite well. Although Harrison was caught in a plane crash and suffered injury, his wife was there by his side and went to visit her ailing hubby. Aw! As the two actors continue to get older, we sincerely hope that they can stick together. After all, they do make a nice pairing. Their careers don’t seem to be doing too bad, either!

4 Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Sam Taylor-Wood - 23 years

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It looks as though this couple is doing quite well also. Even though there are a whopping 23 years between them, Aaron and Sam seem to still be lovey dovey with each other. The couple is often seen going on dates and other outings together, which a cute sight to see. We hope their marriage will last, and it is a great testament that with dedication and true love, even a large age difference does not have to bring a couple apart. Aaron is a great gentleman to Sam, and it is a refreshing sight when all we seem to see in the media now is unhappiness in love.

3 Johnny Depp & Amber Heard - 23 years

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2 Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall - 25 years

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Here is a historical celeb pairing. Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were an iconic Hollywood couple. With 25 years between them, they are definitely a couple for the record books. Perhaps they were just lucky in love, or they had some special innate bond between them. Whatever the case, people are still talking about Bogart and Bacall. They shared screen time and a family together. They also had plenty of ups and downs. There were tons of instances when it seemed that their romantic relationship was fraying at the edges. Still, this is a romance that we just can never forget.

1 Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones - 25 years

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As they were married for an impressive 13 years, we thought that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones somehow had managed to put their 25-year age gap behind them. Yet as it turns out, it may have been a deciding factor in their split. Hey, we can’t blame them, they’ve got a quarter of a century between them! As they mature and get older, there is no doubt that things would begin to get a bit weird! The Hollywood couple has had breaks in their relationship and perhaps they just needed some time to take a breather and act their respective ages.

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