The Poorest City In America

People have been living well in America for quite some time now. Many people have been able to grab onto the american dream, start a family, and have a great career. Even through the recession people have been able to graduate from collage and prosper.

The are differences across america though. While some people are living large in the Hollywood hills, there are others who are struggling to find a meal. We travel today to the tiny little Indian Reservation town of Allen, South Dakota.  The dusty roads and broken down buildings show us a dour scene of sadness and stagnation.

Allen, South Dakota is the poorest city in America. The median income of a family in this city is just over 3,000 dollars a year. The residents there are saddened by the fact that there are just no jobs. The locals used to go to surrounding areas to find income, but with the current recession, even the jobs in these surrounding cities have been seeming to disappear.

When these people are without jobs, it leaves a sense of helplessness. Locals in the town of Allen, South Dakota relate to cultural problems that don't make matters much easier as well. Alcoholism is a huge problem on this Indian reservation, which almost seems to fuel the despair that these locals feel.

It is hard to see such wealth in some areas of the country, and such despair and utter poverty in other parts of the country. Hopefully there can be some things put in place to help the less fortunate.

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The Poorest City In America