The 10 Worst Ethnicities Behind The Wheel

Drivers in general, regardless of race or ethnicity, are the worst. However, some are worse than others. A lot of this is due to culture or environmental factors. Here is a look at the worst drivers by ethnicity.

When looking for poor drivers we need to consider a few factors. First, how they drive in their own country and then secondly, how this translates when they visit other regions of the world. Some drive very fast and some slow, while others have little regard for other vehicles or little training, or worse, both.

One dishonorable mention belongs to Native Americans (don’t worry “Americans,” you are well represented as well). Just missing the list, Native Americans are more likely to be involved in alcohol-related driving fatalities than other Americans. So it’s not necessarily that they are bad drivers, but the fact that they are more often impaired by alcohol than others that makes them a menace on the roads.

Europe, Asia, America and more are well represented in this list. I guess the main takeaway is that there are horrible drivers everywhere. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s take a look at the very worst. Here are the top ten worst drivers by ethnicity.

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10 Italians

Via anotherbagmoretravel.wordpress.com

You can call it what you want: being aggressive or having “big balls,” but the fact is that Italians are insane drivers on the roadways. They drive fast with little care and don’t seem to mind collisions; it’s just part of driving in their culture. Ever see a getaway movie with high speed car chases? If so, there’s often an Italian behind the wheel. Their driving is made for this sort of thing. They also show little regard for driving rules and will happily drive on a sidewalk or go down the wrong way if it means getting somewhere fast. In case you haven’t caught on, Italians drive fast and don’t really care about the cause of their carelessness.

9 Saudi Arabians

Via businessinsider.com

There are cultures that drive fast and some that drive careless. Then there are those in Saudi Arabia who are flat out reckless with their fast driving. I guess with the entire desert at your disposal it makes sense that you feel safe driving abnormally fast, but if you do your research that is definitely not the case. Saudis have something referred to as “hagwalah” which is really just people driving dangerously fast. Check it out on YouTube, granted I’m guessing not all races end in catastrophic crashes; it sure looks like something you wouldn’t want to be involved in or even within miles of it occurring.

8 Vietnamese

If it’s possible to be so good of a driver that it makes you a bad driver, then look no further than Vietnam for an example of this. The traffic in urban areas is really heavy, requiring drivers to make split-second decisions related to lane changes and acceleration. This is all fine when driving on the streets in the city you know, but the problem is that when the Vietnamese visit other countries, no adjustment is made. Instead they continue to use their mad driving skills, endangering both themselves and others on the road that may not be used to driving in Vietnam.

7 Venezuelans

Via sprinterlife.com

Sometimes it’s not the majority, but a small percentage that endanger everyone else on the roadways. In Venezuela a popular mode of transportation is a shared cab named Carrito Por Puestos. They are big cars that have set traveling routes and pick up people along the way. Picture the child of a taxi and bus. Okay, if you can’t picture that, what you end up with is a very large Malibu, Aspen or any other old, large model car. The problem? The drivers of these monstrosities are maniacs. They speed through the streets, disregarding red lights, passing lanes and pedestrians. I guess they expect no one wants to get hit by a Ford Fairlane and you know what, they are right. Unfortunately this creates a dangerous environment for anyone else on the road, or within 100 feet of a roadway.

6 Dominicans

I think it’s pretty clear you should avoid driving anywhere that it's suggested you should practice on a video game first. Dominicans like (maybe even love) making sudden lane changes, blowing through stop signs and causing general disarray in the streets. Also, in the Dominican Republic there are no laws against drinking before driving. Apparently you are not allowed to drink while driving, but polishing off a twelve pack prior is okay. So take crazy drivers and now you add alcohol – complete chaos. Actually this may contribute to the lane changes and disregard of stop signs. It’s possible they don’t even see what they are doing.

5 Indians (India)

Why try to drive your car when you can just sit in traffic and honk your horn instead? This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but in India this is a way of life. Of course horn honking doesn’t make you a bad driver; no training makes bad drivers. In India there is no formal training before you are released into the wild Indian streets. I know when I first learned how to drive I almost totaled a Ford Escort taking a right-hand turn at 40 miles per hour. Sure, I eventually learned (took a few times), but it was under supervision. There should be a city for new drivers who have to live and drive only there for a mandatory 30 days. This is a good rule for every place where there is driving in the world.

4 Russians

Via youtube.com

It’s as if they actual try to be the worst drivers. Russians flat out don’t seem to care about what happens on their roads. Case in point: their street markings wear off in the winter, but aren’t reapplied for months after. This leaves open for interpretation where the actual road is and where one lane begins and ends. Russians also have a relatively high alcoholism rate which leads to a high rate of drinking and driving. While we’re at it, might as well bring up their abnormally high hit-and-run rate. Yes, I’m convinced Russians actual try to be the worst drivers.

3 Nigerians

Via travelmag.co.uk

African countries in general are full of awful drivers. Nigerians are the especially bad proven, by their list of accidents resulting in fatalities. The roadways in Nigeria are not well maintained and are used in high volume. In addition to busy roadways and drivers with little regard for rules, there are scooter taxis and cycles that weave in and out of traffic lanes. There is nothing like a car trying to change a lane only to have a scooter that’s clocking in at 120 km/h creep up and cause an accident. Oh and I’m pretty sure everyone can picture scooter accidents, again, a lot of fatalities.

2 Americans (white, black, etc…)

Despite having formal training and enforced driving rules, the people in the United States do very little to avoid being bad drivers. For starters you have a large population of the youth that drives fast with no worry as well as really old people that also drive fast, also without worry. The balance is too busy to care about how they are driving. Everyone in between is busy talking, eating or texting on their cell phone. Seeing drivers looking down at their phones while their car is going 75 mph on the freeway is not uncommon. Of course, everyone now drives an SUV, making it rare to have “small” accidents.

1 Chinese

You don’t have to search long on the Internet to find countless traffic jams due to terrible multi-car pileups on their roadways. Whether it's lack of training or just not caring is up for discussion; however, Chinese drivers do seem to be the worst. Outside of China this problem is multiplied many times over. So many accidents due to drivers being sideswiped by someone not thinking to check their lane or for no good reason, just stopping. Why did you stop? Now I hit you and there is a traffic jam. Obviously Chinese drivers are not responsible for all accidents, just most of them.

Sources: jalopnik.com, thedailybeast.com

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