10La Oroya in Peru

Since 1922, Doe Run, an American mining company, has been polluting the city of La Oroya in Peru, ignoring the warnings of ecologists about irresponsibly dumping their waste in the area. The company representatives never even warned the inhabitants of La Oroya of the imminent danger of the mining activity in the area. As a result, the health of approximately 35,000 of the city's inhabitants is threatened. Main pollutants are sulphur dioxide, lead, copper, and zinc, all waste from excessive and uncontrolled mining. Quite alarmingly, 99% of all children born in the area show signs of lead poisoning. Most of them do not make it past the age of 6. At the same time, acid rain caused by sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere destroyed vegetation in the neighboring jungles, as well as crops.

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