19 Celebrity Has-Beens Who Are Desperate For The Spotlight

The accolades, respect, privileges, free stuff and big cheques are just a few of the things that can make being famous awesome. It is very understandable that once somebody gets a taste of the high life, they’d have a difficult time giving it up. In this day and age many everyday people are awfully desperate to become influential any way they can, so how can we expect former celebrities to walk away with grace? Even some criminals seem to be somewhat motivated by the infamy they may end up enjoying if their actions are remarkable enough to gain the world’s attention.

When putting together this list, we were looking for people who at one time were incredibly well-known but have since fallen by the wayside. Then we considered the attempts at reclaiming the popularity they once enjoyed and how clear it is to observers that they can’t give up on the idea that they will have their day again.

19 Katie Price

18 Courtney Stodden

17 Corey Feldman

16 Axl Rose

At one time, Guns N' Roses was one of the most popular and influential hard-rock bands in the world. Releasing five albums over six years, they sold millions of records all over the world before they got bogged down in drama and diva behavior. The biggest source of the drama, from all accounts, originated from lead singer, Axl Rose, whose frequent walk-offs mid-concert resulted in several riots. Somehow managing to hold onto to the band’s trademark name, Axl spoke for more than a decade about a forthcoming album with an all new line-up of members. Finally coming to fruition in 2008, a full fifteen years after the band’s last release, it was extremely apparent that the public wasn’t as interested in this new incarnation.

15 Steven Seagal

14 Chyna

13 Vanilla Ice

12 Farrah Abraham

11 Virgil


10 Tara Reid

9 Tori Spelling

8 Tila Tequila

7 Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

6 Kate Gosselin

5 Paris Hilton

4 Dustin Diamond


Saved by the Bell, one of the most popular shows amongst teens in the nineties is a cultural milestone for millions of the young people who grew up with it. Remembered well enough that it has been the focus of several reunions over the last few years, one of the show’s leads, Dustin Diamond, has been conspicuously absent from these efforts. That is because his former co-stars want nothing to do with him after years of bad mouthing them and his willingness to do anything to make himself look better.

3 Madonna

2 Lindsay Lohan

1 Hulk Hogan

Arguably the most famous professional wrestler of all time, The Hulkster was The WWF’s biggest star during the entire Rock and Wrestling era that was so popular during the eighties. Transitioning to WCW in the nineties, he managed to rejuvenate his career by becoming a founding member of the nWo, the most popular faction in the entire industry at the time. Hogan seemed like he was made of Teflon since he even managed to have another run atop the WWE in 2002 and decided the fate of TNA wrestling for a period of time.

Known to be willing to do what it takes to get the spotlight, even when he was popular enough to not need to, Hogan’s stunts can get pretty whacky. Announcing that he would run for president, posting videos of himself on the toilet, and lying about the stats of his career despite his amazing accolades are just a few of the things he has done to get attention over the years. Hired back by the WWE for a fourth run in 2014, Hogan seemed like he’d finally got his dream gig before things went horribly awry. The subject of a sex tape that was recorded years earlier, transcripts of thoroughly racist remarks he’d made in that bedroom were released. Previously seen as a champion of the people, his disgusting statements forever damaged the image he’d spent years building and the WWE, wisely, released him from his contract. Instantly taking to social media, Hulk retweeted remarks by fans that painted him as a victim in the situation despite his awful actions, including one poster who compared him negatively to President Obama. Practically pleading at every turn for the WWE to rehire him, Hogan seems unable to step away from the spotlight for even a few weeks to let the world move past his appalling statements.

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19 Celebrity Has-Beens Who Are Desperate For The Spotlight