10 Most Homeless States in America

Not too long ago, we ran an article looking at some shocking statistics around global poverty. One of the biggest shocks for many may have been the figures concerning poverty and income levels in the

10 South Dakota: 1,094 Homeless

9 Idaho: 1,781 Homeless

8 Wyoming: 1,813 Homeless

7 Montana: 1,878 Homeless

6 North Dakota: 2,069 Homeless

5 Mississippi: 2,403 Homeless

4 Massachusetts: 19,029 Homeless

3 Florida: 31,359 Homeless

2 New York: 77,430 Homeless

1 California: 136,826

As with New York, California illustrates the hugely disparate levels of income in the United States. The state that's home to the nation’s phenomenal movie industry, often framed as the land of opportunity where many go in the hopes of seeking their fame and fortune, is also the state with the largest-scale problem of homelessness in America. With a warm climate and plenty of rural landscapes, California also has the highest rate of homeless people living in unsheltered accommodation, at an alarming 86.6%. California is home to many of the wealthiest people and industries in America - and the world. There's Hollywood, of course, but California is also the tech centre of the universe. San Francisco’s Silicon Valley houses everyone from Apple, Google and Yelp to almost every hot start-up. But real estate - even for those with the cash - is hard to come by. This means there's an increasing number of workers at the lower end of the million dollar spectrum struggling to get on the property ladder. California continues to see its homeless figures rise, demonstrating that for every start up billionaire in Silicon Valley, there are many young hopefuls left out in the cold.

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10 Most Homeless States in America