Vikram Chatwal Arrested for Possessing Drugs

With Vikram behind bars now, it is going to be tough for him to score with the ladies any time soon. The owner of the Dream Hotel in New York City will have to wait till his parents arrive to get him out of prison. Dream Hotel is by the way a huge hit among the Hollywood celebs. The Chatwals are a very powerful family in the US. They have contacts at every level of the administration. It might thus be easy for the parents to bring out Vikram.

We wonder whether the entrepreneur had anticipated getting caught at the airport, and had done this on purpose to seek attention. After all, everybody knows that the authorities will catch you if you carry cocaine and marijuana to the airport so openly. A mug shot of Chatwal was captured after he was arrested. It was published in TMZ. No doubt this mug shot of Chatwal is going to bring him and his family a lot of shame.

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Vikram Chatwal Arrested for Possessing Drugs