Top 10 States Buying the Most Sex Toys

If you’re single, in a committed a relationship or have been married for years, the desire for something a little more tantalizing in the bedroom may be too much to ignore. Everyone has their own way of spicing things up, and for the 10 states listed below, it may take the form of something a bit playful.

Thanks to the anonymity of online shopping, people no longer have to fear the potential embarrassment of being seen shopping inside an adult toy store. According to Adam & Eve, an American manufacture of adult sex toys, people will spend up to $15 billion per year on these sorts of toys, with the vibrator being by far the most popular choice. Sex toys are no longer always associated with a shady scene, as the taboo has all but fallen away. It’s not just for the independent woman or swinging bachelor either. Almost 80% of women who use a sex toy are in a relationship, and of the 20% of women who partake in self-pleasure on a regular basis, 60% of them own and use a toy.

Business that thrive often do so because they know their customer, and Adam & Eve has the statistics to prove that they know theirs. Presented below are the 10 American states that, according to the manufacturer, purchase the most sex toys per capita. And it’s not always the places with the most people that do the most buying. In their tally, they quip: “Low population states for the win! It must get awfully lonely there…”

Despite the relatively low populations, the sex toys in these states are outselling those even in America’s most populous states.


10 Wyoming

Wyoming is known as quite a religious state and it's also reputed for its stunning mountain ranges and lush valleys. When a good portion of the residents aren't visiting the beautiful Yellowstone National Park or one of their many natural wonders, there’s a good chance they'll be enjoying a rather more indoor-appropriate pastime. Wyoming ranks among the top 10 states that buy the most sex toys, anything from vibrators to finger-sized ticklers.

9 Alaska


Alaska is the northernmost state in America. It’s cold, but in addition to heavy parkas and wood-burning fires, Alaskan citizens have found some fun ways of keeping warm on freezing days and nights. As the 9th American state that purchases the most pleasure toys, there’s probably little shortage of hot and heavy action, whether the operators of these orgasmic gadgets are working solo, or with a willing and enthusiastic partner.

8 North Dakota

The great state of North Dakota has a small  population, ranking as the 3rd least populous state in America. Even though they rank low on the population side, they rank close to the middle on the top 10 list of sex toy purchasers. Bordering with the Canadian provinces Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and the states of Minnesota, Montana, and South Dakota, North Dakota is surrounded by vast stretches of open land and prairies. When things get a little too boring, a trip to the online toy store may be in order.

7 Montana


The cowgirls and cowboys of the great state of Montana aren’t shy about giving themselves a little attention. After all, the state isn't exactly a metropolis with a brimming population, so it might make sense that meeting a sexual partner is a little more difficult than usual here. When company is scarce, many citizens instead choose to make their own fun, purchasing a treat designed to satisfy their needs. They're the 7th most prolific state in the purcahse of sexy playthings.

6 Vermont

What better way to unwind after a long day of skiing in Vermont than to curl up next to a warm fire - and your favourite electric appliance? Number 6 on the list is Vermont, the beautiful state nestled in the New England region of the north-eastern United States. That number might be surprisingly high for some, as Vermont has the 2nd oldest median age, and, as of 2012, is one of the most religious states in America with 23% of the population identifying as “very religious.”

5 New Hampshire


New Hampshire is small. Tucked away in the North-Eastern side of America, bordering Maine near the Atlantic coast, the population here is only about 1.3 million, a fraction of some of America’s biggest cities. As small as it is, New Hampshire ranks significantly high on states buying personal toys that keep them busy and happy. Throughout history, the state has experienced some of the largest earthquakes that have ever occurred in that area. It seems, though, that natural disasters may not be the only earth-shattering events here...

4 Maine

Once again, the region of New England makes another appearance in our list. Maine is a nice spot, along with New Hampshire, right on the Atlantic ocean. It could be the salty sea air or the frigid northern winters that makes Maine's citizens' libido sky rocket, urging people to visit their favourite online store or dimly lit high street shop to buy their own sexual gem.


3 West Virginia


Just above Virginia and Kentucky, West Virginia sits among the Appalachian mountains. When residents and tourists aren’t cave diving, whitewater rafting, fishing, or simply enjoying the bright autumn colours of their forests, they could well be found enjoying themselves in other ways where the soothing sights and sounds of nature are replaced by the soothing qualities of a different sort.

2 Idaho

Potatoes: check. Sex toys: double check. Idaho’s state motto is “Let it be forever.” We don’t live in a world where moments of pleasure last forever, but that doesn't stop the multi-cultural population of Idaho from trying. They rank as one of the top 2 states in all of America who most enjoy purchasing fun-loving adult toys.

1 South Dakota


Dakota makes the list again, but this time, it’s South Dakota. The underlying factors that account for the discrepancies between the two states’ purchase frequency of sex toys are not yet accounted for, but it might have to do with South Dakota's steadily decreasing population. If there are less people around to meet and perhaps start a relationship with, the smaller the chances that you’re getting completely satisfied in a few key areas of your personal life. So South Dakotans are more likely than any other Americans to look for their between-the-sheets fun in toy form.

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