Top 10 Billionaires Living Simple Lifestyles

Most of us probably dream to become a billionaire someday. Who wouldn’t want to be one? Being a billionaire can give you the opportunity to travel around the world, be on expensive trips, buy al









Most of us probably dream to become a billionaire someday. Who wouldn’t want to be one? Being a billionaire can give you the opportunity to travel around the world, be on expensive trips, buy almost anything you want, ride and acquire the most expensive car, yacht or even own a private jet. 

 But given the chances and opportunities to engage with such a luxurious lifestyle, there are some billionaires who chose to live a modest life. 

 Here are the top 10 billionaires with the simplest lifestyles.  


10 David Green

David Green is the founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby. His net worth is $4.5 billion as of March 2013. Even if he has so much money and can afford to take expensive trips, he still chooses to fly coach. Most of his money is being spent in charity works. 

 And in case the time will come that Hobby Lobby must be sold or dissolved, Green decided that 90% of the company’s net worth will go the ministry while the remaining 10% will go to a trust intended for the health and education of his family. 


9 Azim Premji

Azim Premji is the 3rd richest man in India. He is the Chairman of Wipro. His net worth is $11.2 billion as of March 2013. 

 Premji is known in Wipro for always being concerned with the company’s use of resources.  He even monitors the number of toilet paper being used in their company premises, and reminds the employees to always switch off the lights when not in use and when leaving the premises.   


8 Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is among the youngest billionaires in the world. He is only 28 years old and his net worth is $13.3 billion as of March 2013. He is the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Facebook. 

 Zuckerberg prefers wearing jeans, shirts or hoodies, and sandals over expensive suits and leather shoes. 

 His wedding with Priscilla Chan was held in his backyard. And the couple were seen eating at McDonalds while they were on their honeymoon in Italy.  


7 Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin is an Internet entrepreneur and a computer scientist. He is the Cofounder and Director of Special Projects in Google. His net worth is $22.8 billion. 

 He learned to live a simple life because of his parents who really raised him well. 

 “From my parents, I certainly learned to be frugal and to be happy without many things. It’s interesting—I still find myself not wanting to leave anything on the plate uneaten. I still look at prices. I try to force myself to do this less, not to be so frugal. But I was raised being happy with not so much,” Sergey said in an interview. 


6 Karl Albrecht

Karl Albrecht is known as Germany’s richest man. He is the co-founder of the supermarket chain Aldi. His net worth is $25.4 billion. 

 Albrecht’s father was a miner and his mom was a shopkeeper. His parents raised him and his brother Theo to live a simple life.


5 Jim Walton

Jim Walton is the son of the Wal-Mart Founder Sam Walton. He is the youngest among the siblings. He is the Wal-Mart heir and chairman and CEO of Arvest Bank Group, Inc. His net worth as of March 2013 is $26.7 billion. 

 Despite the fact that Jim came from a very wealthy family, he followed the frugal ways of living of his father.He lives in Bentonville, Ark. This is where he also runs a personal wealth management company for their family. It’s “a plain old brick building” in Bentonville. 


4 Christy Walton

Christy Walton is the widow of John Walton. She is 58 years old. She is the co-chair of the Children’s Scholarship Fund. Her net worth is $28.2 billion as of March 2013. 

 Instead of giving her son a luxurious life, Walton decided to raise him in an 1896 Victorian home located in California. She wanted her son to have a normal upbringing and to live a simple life. 

 Walton donated their house to the International Community foundation after her husband John died in a plane accident. 


3 Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He is well-known for being one of the most influential and richest people in the world. His net worth is $53.5 billion as of March 2013. 

 During his early years, Buffett was already businessminded. He was busy establishing his own business by selling magazines, sodas, and gums instead of playing with other kids.  He also started visiting and studying Wall Street at a very early age.He even bought shares of Cities Services at a young age. 

 Buffett lives frugally despite the huge net worth. He doesn’t spend on gadgets or electronics and doesn’t even carry a mobile phone. He doesn’t even own a yacht and says that, "Most toys are just a pain in the neck."

 Buffett is also known for being generous to various charitable institutions. He has given billions of dollars to different foundations.  


2 Amancio Ortega

Amancio Ortega is the founder of Zara. He is the richest man in Spain based on Forbes.  His net worth is $57 billion as of March 2013. 

 Ortega, together with his wife, is living in frugality. They are residing in an apartment building in La Coruna, Spain. 

 In addition, Ortega prefers to wear simple clothes. He normally wears a shirt and a pair of pants on a daily basis. 


1 Carlos Slim Helú

Carlos Slim Helú is the richest man in in the world.He is the Honorary Chairman of America Movil. His net worth is $73 billion as of March 2013. 

 Despite the fact that Slim is the wealthiest person in the planet, he still prefers to live a simple life.He is not a great spender and resides in a simple abode with 6 bedrooms.  And he drives for himself. 

 Being a billionaire doesn’t mean one must be an extravagant spender. One can still live a simple life and share the overflowing blessings to those who are in need.The top 10 billionaires mentioned above are good examples that life can be lived in modest ways.  Also, this can serve as a good reminder for all of us that we must not live beyond our means because too much, sometimes, is bad enough.

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Top 10 Billionaires Living Simple Lifestyles