Third Child for Michael Weatherly

Not much is known about the pregnancy though. The actor simply announced that they were expecting a child sometime in the fall this year. No doubt the two are very excited, as are their friends and family. Having a child is always good news. Congratulatory messages are already pouring in.

Preparations are underway at the residence of Michael Weatherly to ensure that the arrival is very smooth. He has not yet taken a leave from work. But it is likely that he might have to take some time off prior to the delivery date. Knowing Michael, he will surely want to be with his partner and provide her all the support she needs. Bojana on her part has remained absolutely silent about all this.

Michaela and Bojana are quite the power couple. They married in 2009. They are delighted at the prospect of raising a family. Both Michael and Bojana are very fond of kids and absolutely love the idea of being parents to two beautiful children. We have to now wait and see how everything unfolds for them. We will soon learn whether it is a boy or a girl for Michael Weatherly.


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Third Child for Michael Weatherly