The Top Ten Richest Photographers In The World

Photography is a delicate art largely dependent on inspiration. A great photographer has a sharp eye for emotions and moments. The styles used differ due to formal training, background, passion and

Photography is a delicate art largely dependent on inspiration. A great

photographer has a sharp eye for emotions and moments. The styles used differ

due to formal training, background, passion and interests of the person behind

the lens. These are all determinants that will result in a good photograph.

The internationally recognized career has become lucrative thus attracting

novices to the niche consistently. Practice, patience and persistence must be

present for all aspiring to make big bucks as photographers. Here is a list of the

current top 10 richest photographers in the world setting pace and redefining

the art altogether.

10 Zhang Jinghua

Presumably one of the youngest photographers in the world, Jingua has been

able to receive numerous accolades and awards. She is only 23 years old and

already creating ripples in the industry with her fresh style. Taking a more laid

back approach, she's able to exhibit calmness, peace and tranquility in her

photos. She has been able to work with giants such as Elle, MontBlanc and

Zink. At the moment, she is based in New York although she has shot

countless photos in London and Paris. She has only been in the spotlight, as a

professional for 3 years to date and already made it onto the list of the richest in the world.

9 Timothy Allen

Unlike most professional photographers, Timothy did not receive any formal

training in photojournalism. Surprisingly, he studied zoology in college. After

graduating, he stumbled on his talent during a trip. It was while in Africa, when

has was about 20 years old, that his passion for the art was ignited. He took

photos of the trip and was mesmerized by the reaction they received from his

family members and friends. This motivated him to press on. Since then, he

started documenting the cultural heritage of societies worldwide and managed

to rake in millions of dollars.

8 George Steinmetz

This German photographer has managed to carve a niche so demanding that predecessors hesitate to follow in his footsteps. Even the few capable of doing so cannot match his standards. The art of capturing volcanoes, deserts and other remote landscapes come naturally to Steinmetz. To get photos similar in nature to the type he has in his portfolio, one would have to forfeit traveling in planes and vehicles. Several days' treks will only take you to the spots he loves to shoot but capturing the award winning images will still be next to impossible.

7 Nick Veasey

Taking a rather unconventional approach to photography, Veasey has been able to

feature his works in different galleries across the world. He likes using x-

rays as a way of stripping the object naked. He terms clothes, and other

covering layers, as unnecessary aspects in photography. This leaves him with

the real image, what he is most interested in. His appreciation for inner beauty

around the environment has rewarded him with the flashy lifestyle that he

enjoys. Although several other photographers use x-rays, none can match his

uniqueness by bringing out the image as he does.

6 Marco Grob

Grob, from Switzerland, is one of the highest paid portrait photographers

residing in New York. He usually employs several styles in his work. Some of

his images are usually smooth while others are rough and textured. He has

taken portraits of almost all the public figures with the most notable being Bill

Clinton and Mr. T. Gifted with the rare ability of capturing the true essence of a

person, Grob has undoubtedly raised the stakes for other portrait

photographers. His trick is patience. He normally waits until the person is

relaxed enough before taking the shot. He never rushes through a photo


5 Nick Brandt

Brandt is a mysterious photographer who uses amazing angle lenses in shooting wildlife. This is his preferred choice and he does a commendable job of consistently delivering exemplary images. His works are beautiful, epic and sometimes even haunting. He is able to bring out both the wildlife and landscape to life through the images, giving his photos a 3-dimensional feel.

4 G M B Akash

From Bangladesh, this internationally recognized photographer usually focuses on people. His attention is largely placed on those marginalized by the societies worldwide. He tells their stories and shows their living conditions basically to create awareness. Through giving voice to the underprivileged, Akash has been able to win more than 35 awards that have transformed his life into glitz and glamour.

3 Lynsey Addario

The works of this photographer are very raw and mostly tell the dark truth.

Although she sometimes leans on portrait photography, this doesn't come close

to defining her works. She has done shoots in New York and far off places like

Afghanistan that usually show the bitter truths of different societies. Her

galleries are often mind disturbing with life and death images telling deep

stories that are rarely discussed in the open and often swept under the rug.

2 Gilles Bensimon

Currently residing in the U.S., Bensimon was born and raised in France. He has a

keen eye for glamour. He gained wide popularity when he started working with

Elle magazine. His images are usually breathtaking and can be seen through the

numerous pictures he has taken of top models such as Tyra Banks. Even

though his love life has been in turmoil, with two marriages ending in divorce,

he has without a doubt set pace for other fashion photographers in the world.

1 Morgan Norman

Using an excellent balance of color and light during his shoots, Norman has

been able to develop an unmatched sense of style in fashion photography. He

clearly understands how to bring out the model, the apparel and even the

accessories. In actual sense, Norman is more of an artist who lets his images

relay what's on his mind, without saying a word.

Although the net worth of these photographers cannot be determined yet, or

released through entities such as Forbes magazine, the ranking is as a result of

awards won, accolades received, prestigious positions held and overall

influence in the industry. These names represent the true meaning of success in

global photography.

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The Top Ten Richest Photographers In The World