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The Conjuring Trailer Reveals Its One of the Creepiest Movies

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The Conjuring Trailer Reveals Its One of the Creepiest Movies


Trailer of the movie, “The Conjuring” makes it evident that the film is going to be rather scary. So if you are going to watch it, you better make sure that you have nerves of steel. It might be difficult to withstand the shock and the horror that awaits you. There are many scenes like birds flocking their way to a house, rustling noises, the cupboard scene, staircase scene, bulbs going out, and some creepy-eyed characters that add to the fear factor.

The Conjuring revolves around two paranormal detectives, Lorraine and Ed Warren. The two make their way to a house owned by a woman by the name of Farmiga, played by Lili Taylor. The plot unravels quickly, with the detectives trying to understand what is happening in the house, and why the woman living in it believes that it is haunted. Lorraine Warren is a clairvoyant. She tells Farmiga that it might be very difficult to get rid of the spirits just by leaving the house. That’s because, it has become attached to Farmiga’s family. The ordeal ahead is a huge one. The movie is sure to chill the viewers.


You need to check out the movie trailer to find out how many times you are going to have to jump watching it. The Conjuring is sure to be a success in the box office collections. Scary movies are after all in vogue now.


The background score is terrific. The performances rendered by the actors have been very good as well. People Magazine got to be up close and personal on the sets of the movie. They found out what it was like filming the movie. Lili Taylor says that her role in the movie was particularly challenging, as she has never played something like this before. This is her first ever paranormal movie. She says that she did her best to play her part to perfection.

The movie is all set to hit the theaters on 19th July. Film critics anticipate it to be a huge success. The trailer certainly looks very interesting and scary too.

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