The 15 Richest Israeli Billionaires

Despite the constant threat from many of its neighbors, Israel is home to a sizable number of billionaires who've made their mark on the world through various successful business ventures. This country has a hefty GDP of $273.2 billion and a population of around 7,800,000. The per capita GDP for Israel is $36,200 and the country's main exports are considered pharmaceuticals, technological equipment and processed diamonds.

To attain the wealth of even the least rich billionaire on this list, the average Israeli would have to work more than 33,149 years to accumulate the same fortune. Despite inequality and undeniable strife in this country, the richest people in Israel do participate in philanthropic activities that improve healthcare, the environment and even the Israel-Palestine relationship.

15 15 Lev Leviev - $1.2 billion

14 14 Mori Arkin - $1.2 billion

13 13 Shaul Shani - $1.3 billion

One of the more secretive billionaires on this list, Shaul Shani is known mostly for his successful investments in the tech industry. He started Global Village Telecom, a Brazilian company that was bought for $4.5 billion a decade later.

12 12 Marius Nacht - $1.6 billion

11 11 Alexander Machkevitch - $1.8 billion

After being removed from the London Stock Exchange after losing 43% of its value in six years, Alexander Machkevitch's Eurasian Natural Resources Co., based in Kazakhstan, was under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office in the United Kingdom while enduring a lawsuit against his International Mineral Resources company.

10 10 Dan Gertler - $2.1 billion

Dan Gertler followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, who was president of the Israeli Diamond exchange when it first began. He used his diamond wealth to expand into other industries, like gold and fossil fuels. Currently, his African mining activities are under increased scrutiny due to allegations of benefiting from close ties to the Congo government, especially Joseph Kabila.

9 9 Gil Shwed - $2.2 billion

8 8 Teddy Sagi - $2.2 billion

7 7 Beny Steinmetz - $2.6 billion

6 6 Yitzhak Tshuva - $2.8 billion

5 5 Idan Ofer - $4.5 billion

Son of shipping giant Sammy Ofer, Idan owns a large variety of business ventures around the world that involve drilling, automotive, mining and shipping. He also inherited half his father's art collection, rumored to be one of the best in the world.

4 4 Arnon Milchan - $4.6 billion

Arnon Milchan is a self-made billionaire involved in Hollywood productions. He recently revealed that he participated in secret intelligence work with the Israeli government in the 1980s, developing a nuclear program.

3 3 Shari Arison - $4.9 billion

2 2 Stef Wertheimer - $5.3 billion

Winner of the Oslo Business for Peace Award in 2010, Stef Wertheimer has dedicated much time, money and effort to improving relations between Israel and Palestine.

1 1 Eyal Ofer - $6.7 billion

Like his brother Idan, Eyal inherited much of his wealth through his father's shipping empire. He's spent time expanding his half of the art collection he inherited, acquiring numerous modern and contemporary pieces. He also owns real estate in Greenwich Village and New York in addition to stakes in banking and shipping businesses.

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The 15 Richest Israeli Billionaires