The 15 Richest Billionaires In Singapore

Singapore is an economic success story that serves as an example of free market prosperity. It gained 15.1 percent back in 2010 alone due to increased exports, the heart of their economy. Located i

Singapore is an economic success story that serves as an example of free market prosperity. It gained 15.1 percent back in 2010 alone due to increased exports, the heart of their economy.

Located in southeast Asia, the country's population of more than 5.5 million citizens generates a GDP of $339 billion. The averages out to a per capita GDP of $62,400, the seventh highest in the world. Despite being an undeniably wealthy country, Ron Sim - the last-ranked billionaire on this list - has a net worth almost 20,000 times greater than the per capita income in Singapore.

Recent investments in medicine and pharmaceuticals are establishing Singapore as a highly-developed technological, medical and financial powerhouse. Their proximity to the equator allows for some rubber product production in Indonesia, while other significant industries include electronics, ship repair, financial services, chemical production, oil drilling and refineries.

Nearly half of the billionaires on this list made their empires through real estate activities, such as hotels, offices, shopping centers, residential communities and medical facilities, including a variety of high-end luxury projects around the world. Others on this list earned a fortune through frozen food, medical retail, electronic supplies, banking, palm oil and even paints.

15 15 Ron Sim - $1.2 billion

14 Zhong Sheng Jian - $1.3 billion


13 Koh Wee Meng - $1.3 billion

12 Asok Kumar Hiranandani - $1.4 billion


Having diversified into Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia, Asok Kumar Hiranandani has decided to start handing the reigns over to his 28 year-old son Bobby, who will also manage the numerous shopping malls, hotels and office complexes in Singapore. They own Royal Group Holdings.

11 Sam Goi - $1.8 billion

Known as the “Popiah King” in Singapore, Sam Goi is a billionaire who was born in Fujian province and made most of his billions through Tee Yih Jia Foods. He also owns part of a variety of other companies, including food, beverage and electronic companies.

10 Lim Oon Kuin - $2 billion

Lim Oon Kuin grew Hin Leong Trading into a giant Singapore oil company with revenues that may top $14 billion. Over fifty years ago, he had one truck that delivered diesel to fishers and now he's expanding into Myanmar, which is beginning to open up to foreign investment.

9 Peter Lim - $2.2 billion

Peter Lim has made his billions through investments and currently focuses on gigantic deals such as the billion-dollar FASTrack Iskandar, which is dedicated to hosting motor sports. Another giant project is a gated city he's developing alongside a medical complex that he's also building. As a huge fan of Manchester United, his dream is to own a major football team, and is now attempting to purchase Valencia in Spain with promises to turn the franchise around financially.

8 Kuok Khoon Hong - $2.3 billion

A major player in the palm oil industry, Kuok Khoon Hong is at the helm of Wilmar International. One of his major initiatives is his policy to conduct business without violating human rights or forests.

7 Raj Kumar and Kishin RK - $2.3 billion


Raj Kumar and Kishin RK are a billionaire father and son duo who control vast investments in real estate developments. They are part of the board of Singapore River One, whose mandate is to revitalize waterfront properties along the river.

6 Jason Chang - $2.9 billion

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering is lead by Jason Chang, who has benefited from climbing shares at his company, which is one of the largest semiconductor-packaging companies in the world.

5 Goh Cheng Liang - $4 billion

4 Kwee Brothers - $5.1 billion

3 Wee Cho Yaw - $5.9 billion

2 Kwek Leng Beng - $7.5 billion

The two biggest pieces of Kwek Leng Beng's fortune are City Developments and Millennium & Copthorne Hotels, which have completed and are involved in projects upwards of half a billion dollars.

1 Robert and Philip Ng - $11.8 billion


Robert and Philip Ng created their billions through real estate deals and developments, recently investing hundreds of millions in the Australian market. The Far East Hospitality Trust, owned by the Ng brothers, have properties worth nearly $2.5 billion. Tsim Sha Tsui Properties in Hong Kong forms the biggest chunk of their fortune.

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The 15 Richest Billionaires In Singapore