Stars in Hollywood React to Boston Tragedy

The recent blasts at the Boston Marathon have left everybody feeling angry and disturbed. People from the world over are enraged by this senseless act that has caused so much loss. Stars from Hollywoo

Mindy Kaling and John Krasinski also hail from Boston. They too have made their feelings known about the blasts through their Twitter accounts.

Mindy was particularly unsure how to react to the whole situation. She misses her family and friends in the city, and is glad that they have not been affected in any way by the blasts. Tom Bergeron, a regular face on the “Tonight Show” has also expressed his sympathies on his Twitter account. He too is in touch with all his family members in the city, and is glad that they are all safe. He feels a terrible sense of loss for all those who have been affected by the Boston bomb blasts, and hopes that they find the strength to get through this situation. Dane Cook has expressed his feelings through Twitter as well. He grew up in the Arlington area of Boston, and says that his prayers are with the people of the city in this hour of crisis.

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Stars in Hollywood React to Boston Tragedy