Some Unpleasant Monkey Business for Justin Bieber

The American pop singer Justin Bieber was in for an unpleasant shock recently when his capuchin monkey was seized on arrival in Germany. Apparently Bieber thought that it was OK to take his monkey wit

The German officials in Munich had no idea that Justin would be arriving with his monkey. The animal was seized immediately when it was revealed that it would accompany Bieber to the hotel in Munich. Justin was of course very sad with this. He seemed dejected that he would be without his monkey by his side. He was certainly not prepared for this.

Former girlfriend Selena Gomez will probably have a good laugh when she learns about the monkey incident in Munich. She recently admitted to having made him cry on the late night show with David Letterman. The actress was happy that Bieber is no longer in her life.

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Some Unpleasant Monkey Business for Justin Bieber