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Singer Kanye West Has Been Sued

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Singer Kanye West Has Been Sued


Sad news awaits fans of the American rapper Kanye West. He has been accused of a rip off, taking lyrics for his song “Gold Digger” from a song that was originally performed by the musician David Pryor. The children of Pryor have filed a suit against West, and want him to appear in court. The original song goes by the name of “Bumpin Bus Stop”. It was a big hit as well.


Gold Digger, released by West in 2005, turned out to be a smash hit too. It sold billions of copies all over the world. In fact, this is the song that brought Kanye to the limelight. It is one of the reasons why he is so well-known now. It is thus quite a shame for his admirers that the lyrics could be a rip off. Kanye is of course going to be facing court cases soon. He might have to compensate for taking lyrics from a song that was not conceived by him.

Kanye West has not been available for comments since this accusation was made. However, it is likely to be true as West has been sued before by musicians for rip offs. For instance, Vincent Peter had got into a legal battle with Kanye because he stole lyrics from Peter’s song for “Stronger”. Stronger, just like Gold Digger, has been a very popular song by West. But the lyrics were plagiarized here too.


So it seems that this is nothing new for Kanye West. The rapper has a lot of trouble waiting for him at the moment. It will surely take him a good deal of time to clear his name, especially if these accusations are proved to be true. David Pryor’s children have sufficient evidence that Kanye has ripped off the lyrics from their father’s song, particularly the words “get down”, which is repeated over and over again. One wonders what is going to save Kanye now from this accusation of plagiarism.

The African-American rapper is busy preparing for the birth of his child with Kim Kardashian. Perhaps the Kardashians can give West the much needed support at this crucial hour of his life.

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