Shakira’s Son Seen Patiently Waiting for His Passport

Shakira and Gerard left for Spain recently, and their son Milan was seen waiting patiently with them. The child looks like a little angel – he is so sweet. The couple is really proud to be the parents of such a well-behaved baby. Milan was seen waiting patiently in his father’s arms, while his mother ran around doing all the necessary paperwork for the passport. It is good to see Shakira devoting time to family and home, away from her music career. She is one of the most talented singers in recent times, and it shows in her success and worldwide fame. At the peak of her career, Shakira always talked about how she would one day settle down with a family of her own. She seems to be living her dream for the moment.

The Voice Live shows in America are being hosted by Usher and Shakira jointly. So the singer and songwriter are expected to be back in action very soon. Perhaps this is why they wanted to take a quick holiday before getting back to work. It has been some time since Shakira has released an album of her own. Most of her albums are huge successes because of the powerful way in which she renders her songs.

Gerard has supported Shakira’s career all the way. But now it seems like he is going to be a house-husband. He is supposed to look after the child, while Shakira does what she is best known for.


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Shakira’s Son Seen Patiently Waiting for His Passport