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Selena Gomez Reduced Bieber to Tears

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Selena Gomez Reduced Bieber to Tears


The celebrity duo of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber split recently. It was good while it lasted. They were voted to be one of the most glamorous couples, but it all ended when Selena broke-off with Justin abruptly. Selena seems to be doing extremely well without Justin in her life, in fact, she even made some unfair remarks about him at the David Letterman show. It certainly seems like Selena is no longer starry eyed about Bieber.


David Letterman spoke to Selena about Justin in detail. He mentioned that the last time, they were together on the show. Selena smiled in response. David then went on to say how he had said something that reduced Justin to tears. Selena was not horrified, she grinned and said this makes it two of them.

She admitted to having made Justin cry. And so, David Letterman was not the only person who has done this. What is even more surprising is that, Selena was not at all apologetic about this. She was more than happy to sound condescending when speaking about Justin. It seems she is relieved that the breakup is finally through, and that he is no longer in her life.


Justin had turned out to be quite a lap dog for Selena, they always attended social events together. According to rumors, Selena did not like it a bit. She was trying to get rid of him for some time. Selena is growing into a mature singer and a mature woman. She was tired of Justin’s childlike ways. Her career is on a roll with her latest movie “Spring Breakers” doing well.

Selena Gomez is well known for her wicked sense of humor, this came across when she spoke to Letterman about Justin. The lady seemed absolutely gleeful when she learnt that her host was able to make Justin cry.

Bieber haters will of course be happy with this. Looks like times are tough for Biber now! Poor boy!

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