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Ryan Tedder Shows Video Footage from Guatemala

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Ryan Tedder Shows Video Footage from Guatemala


Ryan Tedder, front man of the new music band “OneRepublic”, has posted footage of his days in Guatemala and Malawi. Ryan has spent a lot of time in these countries, deriving inspiration for his music. The debut album of the band “Native” is about the lives of children in Malawi and Guatemala. The video uploaded by Ryan is gripping. It shows the abject conditions of kids in these countries.

“OneRepublic” is better known for its social messages instead of the use of instruments in their songs. The lyrics are really powerful. They can move everybody. The songs carry a strong social message, which is why they are played in almost every important social and political event in the world.


What made Ryan visit these ravaged places is because, these areas usually remain neglected. There is no media glare. Even the social activists don’t frequent these countries. Guatemala and Malawi are virtually unknown to people living in developed countries. Ryan thus thought of making a start, and writing songs about the children of these places, hoping that it will make an impact. The songs have been very well received indeed.

Ryan visited quite a few voluntary organizations in Malawi and Guatemala. The research and ground level work carried out by “Save the Children” touched his heart the most. Save the Children has been working in Guatemala to improve the lives of children refugees. They are working night and day to provide two square meals a day. They are also doing their best to provide accommodation to the children.


Ryan tells us that his Guatemala experience helped him learn all about the “Save the Children” program. He hopes to be an active part of this organization some day. He also promised to do everything he can to help the orphans in Malawi.

With this album, there is now a chance that some poverty stricken children of Malawi might be adopted by people from the developed world. More importantly, governments of developed countries might be compelled to chip in with their support. Ryan has also associated himself with the “Every Beat Matters” social campaign in these areas.

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