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Ryan Merriman Is Now Engaged

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Ryan Merriman Is Now Engaged


Here is some very good news for everybody who loves watching Ryan Merriman on “Pretty Little Liars”. The actor is now engaged to his long-time girlfriend and is intend on becoming a married man soon. Of course most of his lady fans are going to be disappointing, but Ryan himself is more than happy to let go of his single status. He is going to work long and hard at being a good husband. We believe he is certainly capable of this, and wonder when the big day is going to be.

Merriman is mum on the details of the wedding. But he was happy to talk about his proposal, and how he went about it. It seems Ryan did not have a very easy time in proposing to his love. He first thought of proposing to her at a Tiki bar, but eventually abandoned the idea. Then he thought of doing it at a night club in New Zealand, but the ambience was far too loud and not romantic enough for a marriage proposal


It was at Sky City in Auckland where Ryan finally ended up proposing to his girlfriend. It was one of the most romantic sights with fireworks on display in the background. Those who were there were really amazed at what they saw, and were filled with a sense of love. Nobody knew that Ryan Merriman was someone so romantic. He seemed like a happy-go-lucky guy next door, with an easy-going personality. We really didn’t expect this intensity from him, but are happy to know about it nonetheless. Ryan tells us that he is not



concerned about the wedding venue for the time being. He would be happy to marry his girlfriend even on a beach. He could even marry her in Vegas. All he cares about is getting to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves. That’s incredibly sweet. We don’t yet know whether it is going to be a grand wedding or a small one. Ryan is apparently quite content to leave the planning to his fiancé. He says that she is the main person in his life, and if she is not happy, then the world to him is a sad place. Ryan thus feels that she should be the one who must do the planning.

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