Prince Harry to Return to the US Soon

Harry is going to tour Colorado quite extensively, he is also going to visit New York and Washington DC. He wants to visit the areas that were affected by hurricane Sandy. The storm has ravaged the lives of many and displaced them from their homes. Harry wants to look into the rehabilitation work done by the state to help these people get back on track.

Harry is also going to highlight the fire department and what they have done for the displaced people. The fire department has lost people in their efforts. They are the unsung heroes. In Colorado Springs, Harry will see a game between the wounded women and men of the area. These people severely injured themselves while trying to help others.

In New York, Harry will be inaugurating cultural events, he will be promoting UK’s businesses and cultural affairs in the city, while getting introduced to many important people. Later on, he will be attending a party in honor of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and the foundation they support.

The Duke and Duchess are of course not expected to arrive at the party. The Duchess is expecting her first child. The two have put all their travel plans on hold.

So while William and Kate take it easy back home, Prince Harry is all set to get busy. He will be making himself useful in the US.

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Prince Harry to Return to the US Soon