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Pat Boone Criticizes Barack Obama

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Pat Boone Criticizes Barack Obama


The US President Barack Obama has come under severe criticism from the legendary singer Pat Boone. Boone says that Obama is a virtual Marxist and does not want anybody in the US to get rich. This is a reminder that not everybody is happy about Obama getting a second term. Boone is one of them. One has to admit however that it is rather unusual for Pat to come out in public and say something like this.

Pat Boone has lived his life making gospel music and other types of music that is geared towards the soul. A lot of people in the country love his music, even today. He has a fan following elsewhere in the world too. This genre of music has been popularized by Pat Boone, but there are now others who follow his model. Pat is respected for the power lyrics that characterize his songs. His songs are certainly motivating and good. They are devotional too.


Pat Boone has not been known to be a social or a political activist. His views on the US President have thus been received with a bit of a surprise. It would have been natural for Pat to come out and say something about the rendition of present day soul music. That he would actually come out and attack the President was highly unexpected.


Boone says that Obama wants to create a social state where the government controls everything. It would be virtually impossible for anybody to get rich quickly. And that’s why he says that Obama is a virtual socialist. All that Obama says about capitalism is false. Boone also adds that Obama really wants the American state to control all resources for the welfare of the country. This of course will leave very little scope for private individuals to earn wealth.

Kid Rock and Clint Eastwood are two other people who have joined Boone in his fight against socialism. They support Boone’s views on the current US President. Boone has made music for a long time. It now seems that he is focusing his energy on political activism.

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