Michael Dell Makes $200 Million Purchase

Michael Dell, who is the founder of Dell Inc. and worth an estimated $15 billion, recently made an astronomical purchase. The item he's scheduled to buy from aircraft leasing company ILFC is a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The price for this dream plane is a cool $200 million, but the cost doesn't stop there. Millions more will need to be spent in order to furnish the interior with tables, beds, paneling and anything else the owner would like.

This Boeing aircraft is a whopping 186 feet long, which even beats the size of Warren Buffet's plane. The passenger threshold also reaches 250 people, so it's extremely large for a private owner. Dell is set to receive his aircraft by next year, but problems with batteries in the Dreamliner series may cause a delay. Dell already has his own plane, but this Boeing will be much larger and more luxurious. He also uses his plane for business purposes, and was even reimbursed $2.3 million in 2012 for business-related operating costs.

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Michael Dell Makes $200 Million Purchase