Matt Lauer Almost Switched Networks

The People Magazine has backed this report too. They say that ABC was going to offer Matt a huge contract to take him away from NBC. ABC wanted to push down the rankings of NBC and get Matt Lauer to be a permanent part of their channel. In fact, according to reports, there was a good chance that the plan would succeed. But eventually it failed. When Matt found out that he was not going to be replaced after all, he decided to stay back with NBC.

According to the plans, Lauer would reunite with the former host Katie Couric. They would host a day time talk show. ABC is sure to feel disappointed now that Lauer has decided to remain with NBC.

It seems things have turned quite sour between Matt and Ann Curry since he got this stamp of approval from Hollywood Reporter. This is what prompted Ann to leave “The Today Show”. But frankly, Matt did receive some flak even from those who liked him. This is precisely what prompted NBC to think of replacing him. Nobody is indispensible, as they say.

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Matt Lauer Almost Switched Networks