Magic Johnson Fully Supportive of His Son’s Homosexuality

It was expected that the NBA legend Magic Johnson would be shocked when his son E.J declared himself to be gay. In reality however, Johnson reacted in an extremely matured way. He was tolerant, and told his son that he was there to support him no matter what. This shows how much of an open-minded person Magic truly is. He is truly an amazing human being.

Magic admits that he was worried for his son at the time of the revelation. He asked EJ if he had told anybody else, and whether he had thought of how friends and family would react to this. EJ had only informed two of his closest friends, and had then decided to approach his dad and mom. Both Johnson and his wife Cookie were delighted that EJ actually chose to be so upfront with them about this. Kids who are homosexual are usually afraid to reveal this to their parents. They try to hide it as much as they can, till the time it cannot be kept a secret anymore. EJ was rather young when he made his declaration to his parents. He received overwhelming support after he went ahead and did so.

EJ was told that he was going to be loved no matter what, and should carry himself with the greatest care around people to avoid getting hurt. No doubt Johnson junior pays a lot of attention to these wise words and does everything in accordance to the advice given to him by his parents.

EJ is now twenty years of age. He was seen walking hand in hand with his boyfriend at the sunset strip where everybody could see them. EJ looked extremely proud as he did so. The two really seemed very happy with each other. It seemed that they are mentally in sync as well.

Magic Johnson is overjoyed that EJ took this bold step. He and his wife are very proud of his son EJ, and call the moment on the sunset strip to be one of the greatest in their son’s life. No doubt EJ is going to be a lot more confident on how he carries himself henceforth.

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