Madonna’s Homeless Brother Says She Doesn’t Care about Him

Kathy Meteyer, a family friend, says that Anthony is the one who is refusing to accept that “he” is the problem. Anthony says that he is absolutely alright. He should be helped by his sister and father financially. However the fact remains that, he failed to turn up for rehab when it was arranged by the family. Both his father and step mother are extremely distressed by his actions. They gave him a job, he couldn’t keep it. They arranged rehab, he declined. So they do not know what to do to make him lead a normal life again.

It is not known whether Madonna is going to publicly react to the statements made by her brother. She has been very discreet about her family life, especially her brother. She has never spoken about him in any interview. However Madonna might now be compelled to chip in and perhaps try one last time. It would be good of her if she does this.

The root of the whole problem is of course Anthony’s addiction. He needs to sort this out. Otherwise, the money he wants is going to go down the drain as well.

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Madonna’s Homeless Brother Says She Doesn’t Care about Him