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Lock Down in Rehab for Lindsay Lohan

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Lock Down in Rehab for Lindsay Lohan


The Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan was recently charged for driving under the influence, she was also charged for violating her parole. Lindsay got ninety days of lockdown in a rehab facility from a plea deal!

The actress had vehemently denied having done anything wrong while she was driving under the influence. Her lawyers were looking to get her a house arrest term instead of jail, but Lindsay was not happy with this option. Eventually, she was asked to check into a rehab facility to solve her drinking problems. It is going to be ninety days. We wonder whether Lohan can last that long in there, she is known for her lack of patience with people.


Lindsay Lohan arrived at the court hearing an hour late, not showing any remorse for what she has done, she was caught driving in a drunken stupor in Santa Monica. Lohan was arrested instantly.

By checking into rehab, Lindsay of course gets to avoid a six month jail term. She does not realize how lucky she is, Lohan is just mortified at the thought of spending time at the rehab. Lindsay however appeared quite sober in front of the judge and heard out everything. When the judge asked her whether she understood it all, she nodded and replied “yes”. The judge asked her to stay off driving, as this can land her in a lot of trouble.


This is not the first legal violation for Lohan. The actress has been in trouble many times before and has shown no guilt. Lindsay seems to thrive on controversy, she loves getting into the news for all the wrong reasons. Can the next few months in rehab change her for the better? We wonder!

Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan was also present at the hearing with his own lawyer, when asked what he thought of the verdict, Michael said he is happy that his daughter is going to rehab.

We are happy that Lindsay won’t have to spend time in jail, but we do hope that the rehab can change her.

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