Lisa VanderPump Blogs About Her Life Being Taken Over By Dancing Rehearsals

The rehearsals has been very exciting for Lisa so far. She is very happy with her dance partner on the show Gleb. She considers Gleb to be absolutely gorgeous. Lisa also says that she has been able to bond well with many people on the show. She loves Dorothy a lot, and really likes to spend time with her during the dance rehearsals. Lisa also likes Victor Ortiz, who in her view is quite hilarious and succeeds in making her laugh all the time.

Lisa says she has seen several outbursts of nervousness, outbreaks of laughter and tears of frustration too in Dancing with the Stars. The experience is good for her. This will make her grow as an individual and become a better human being.

When asked about how the training sessions were turning out to be, Lisa said that they were very hectic indeed. The sessions were taking everything out of her. She has to commit herself to rehearsing for a minimum of four hours to a maximum of seven hours. Her life has thus become a routine. She spends seven hours daily doing the dance numbers she is going to be performing as one of the participants.

She says all participants are united on the show, in the sense that, they try to help each other by comparing notes and also by providing reassurance.

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Lisa VanderPump Blogs About Her Life Being Taken Over By Dancing Rehearsals