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Linda Perry Proposes to Sara Gilbert

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Linda Perry Proposes to Sara Gilbert


Linda Perry, the singer and songwriter has proposed to her long-time girlfriend Sara Gilbert. Linda proposed during a musical picnic, which she had planned. It was a complete surprise for Sara, but she is absolutely thrilled. She never expected to be proposed in this manner, and says that the whole thing transpired like a dream sequence. There was music playing in the background while the two were sitting at the park. Sara was daydreaming, thinking that this is how she herself wanted to propose, if she ever had the courage to do it. That was the moment when Linda suddenly popped the question. Sara was taken completely aback and says she did not know how to respond in the initial few seconds.


The answer given by her to Linda is of course a hundred percent “yes”. Linda and Sara have been one of the most devoted same-sex couples. They share a great rapport. Their fans have been wondering when they would move to the next level, given that they have been together for some time now. Linda and Sara are well-known for their amazing chemistry, and also for the wonderful music the two are able to create when they are together.

The wedding date has not been fixed yet. But there is no doubt that it is going to be soon. The same-sex couple seems to be in a hurry to get married.


Sources close to the couple say that they want to make it a low-key wedding. This is understandable. After all, same-sex marriages are still viewed with a lot of reservations, even today.

Sara hosts the television show, “The Talk”. She recently thanked her fans and admirers on the show for providing all the support. She is really overwhelmed by the number of responses that supports her and same-sex marriages. She considers her well-wishers to be a part of her own family, something that is going to delight them a good deal.

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