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Keri Russell Flaunts Her Abs

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Keri Russell Flaunts Her Abs


The Women’s Health Magazine came up with a very attractive cover shot when they got Keri Russell to pose for them. The actress revealed her well-toned muscles by wearing a blue bikini and a pair of white shorts. Keri shows that it is possible for all women to have a great figure, even after giving birth. Keri is the mother of two kids, but she still has an amazing body. She has kept herself in very good shape.

Keri was more than happy to reveal the secrets of how she was able to keep her body in such good shape even after childbirth. Intriguingly, Keri eats everything and does not compromise on food at all. She is crazy about deserts in particular. She would never keep herself from eating ice creams and cakes, even though there is the risk of weight gain. Keri believes that it’s not good to stay away from the foods you love, as you cannot avoid putting on weight by not eating.


Keri Russell feels that taking long walks is what helps her keep the body in shaper. She does not work out for long hours at the gym as well, because a rigorous exercise regimen cannot help her maintain the body. Long walk after meals is the thing for her. But this is not as easy as it sounds. Keri has been disciplined about herself. It is her discipline that has helped her maintain the wonderful body she possesses. She has been diligent about taking walks after meals. Keri has never missed on a single walk, not even if the weather is inclement.


Keri’s diet and exercise regimen stands as an example for all mothers who are worried about having a bad figure after childbirth. Russell now has a figure to die for, but she regrets that her butt is not as plump now as it used to be before. She wants it back badly. She hates the fact that she now has a skinny butt, and would do anything to get it back in shape.


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