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Kelly Ripa Reveals Interesting Details about Marriage

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Kelly Ripa Reveals Interesting Details about Marriage


The film and television personality Kelly Ripa is married to Mark Consuelos for more than seventeen years now. She says that it is alright to fight once in a while, as long as the fight does not get out of control. Kelly says that when Mark leaves the toilet seat up, it really pisses her off. She wants to shout at him, of course Kelly admits that the yelling does not get in the way of their marriage. The two share the greatest relationship, even after so many years of being together. They have survived the ups and downs of their marriage life by handling things with a lot of maturity.


Kelly and Mark have been seen together on television often. They make a fabulous couple, both on and off the screen. They were a big hit on the comic drama “Hope and Faith” in which, they played the love interest of each other. This show brought them closer, and helped them solidify the relationship.

Kelly and Mark have been together for more than a decade. This is a long time for a couple in Hollywood. It is good to see a couple so much in love and so devoted to each other, while some marriages are breaking up in just a couple of years, and even earlier. Kelly says that she literally worships Mark and even loves his bad habits. She would not want him to be any other way. It is the same with Mark. He is somebody who can accept Kelly for who she is, and does not want her to change in any way. Their commitment has been an inspiration for many couples in Hollywood and the glamour industry.

Kelly is busy at the moment shooting for the television series “Live with Kelly and Michael”. She says that Mark has given her a lot of support for this venture. He is by her side always. In fact, Kelly feels that she could not have been such a career woman had it not been for Mark. She is destined to be with him. The two have even promised that they would never let the other down. This is really very sweet. We wish the couple a happy life.

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