Kate Upton Considering Invitation to a High School Prom!

Kate Upton has been asked by a boy for his high school prom in Los Angeles. Jake Davidson is an intrepid boy studying at an LA high school. Most people would not dare approach somebody like Kate, but Jake is different. He had the courage to make a video and invite Kate to the prom, and then posted it on her twitter account. And here’s the surprise. The video is apparently so well made that it has the model drooling all over him!

He wrote to Kate saying that her response means the world to him. Jake also mentions that he really hopes her schedule is free on the day. It now remains to be seen whether Kate can manage the time for the prom. If she does, it would indeed be quite hilarious. It is rare that an admirer has asked a celebrity out through social media. Jake Davidson is a gutsy individual, and is sure going to receive accolades. He is going to be a hero among his friends.

We have to admit that Kate Upton is very sporting too. She has responded with genuine warmth and affection. Not all celebrities are this nice.

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Kate Upton Considering Invitation to a High School Prom!