Kate to Now Christen Her Ship

Kate Middleton is going to formally inaugurate the entry of this ship into the Princess fleet on the 13th of June in the English city of Southampton. It would be just a month before Kate goes to the hospital to give birth to her child. Indeed this is very exciting news for Kate, who is always an important part of social events in the United Kingdom. She makes her presence felt wherever she goes. It did not surprise anybody that Kate was selected to inaugurate the entry of this ship into the fleet.

Kate has of course not restricted herself to the bedroom for her pregnancy. She has been traveling to carry out the agenda of the crown. She was even been seen camping recently. Her charisma and good nature has won many hearts wherever she visits. No doubt Kate would love to do the crowning of the Royal Princess.

We expect Kate Middleton to dazzle on this day like she always does. Kate has proved herself as a royal from the day she entered the Palace, and will continue to do so.


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Kate to Now Christen Her Ship